Company Makes Three

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We got to take care of one of my top three “not my” babies this weekend. Megan’s little-one stayed with us overnight on Saturday. We love taking care of him and it was a great way to see what it would be like to have three kids without actually having to have three kids.

Here are a few of the benefits I noticed might come along with increasing your parenting responsibility by 33 percent:

  • People think up and then accommodate needs you didn’t know you had (but appreciate none-the-less). Example: They play with your kids for you while you shop.
  • People readily accept your kids as an excuse for things.
  • The newest/littlest one is an excellent distraction for the others.
  • The newest/littlest one (provided he is a agreeable) is a great new audience for the other kids who want to revisit the same book over and over while they’re learning to (or pretending to) read.
  • The older kids like to show off for the newest/littlest one by eating all their vegetables and cleaning/vacuuming all the floors in the house.
  • More people give you a smile that can only be interpreted as, “I feel sorry for you because it looks like you accidentally had Irish twins and clearly you really aren’t cut out for it.”

Eldyn: 2 Years + 7 Months

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Goodness, Gracious. Haaaa! I don’t know where he picked it up but whoever is teaching Eldyn to say, “Oh my goodness!” and “Goodness Gracious!” please don’t stop. Ever. I walked into my room the other day and he was looking at each of my scarves. “Oh my goodness! How Beautiful! Oh my goodness gracious!”

Monsters! Eldyn knows about monsters now and suspects they’re in his room. Especially when the lights are off. For what might be the first time until now or forever in the future, the trick that ultimately helped Hiram come around to monsters actually worked with Eldyn too. The trick? We find the monster under the bed and shoo him home to his mama. “Monster, go home! Go see your mom! It’s bedtime!”

Cuddle, not. Wait what? What happened to my cuddle bug? In what I hope is a short-lived phase, Eldyn has started opting out of the portion of our morning routine where I get to stay in bed a little longer because he and I are “waking up slow.” Instead, Eldyn has joined the ranks of the others in the house who have no tolerance for lounging. This morning he was poking my eyeballs and saying, “Open your eyes!” That, little man, was not our deal.

1 Year + 7 Months

7 Months




Now we Hike

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We went on our first official hike as a family over the weekend and then I spent all of today daydreaming about it. The weather was spot on — sunny happy sunshine and temperatures as perfect as pie. Hiram couldn’t get enough of the adventure and Eldyn did his special trick where he pinpoints the exact furthest spot from the start and then says, “Uppie, uppie.”

FYI – Only mama can do uppie, uppie and, despite my best efforts at persuasion, uppie, uppie is not the same thing as a piggy-back ride. “No, I want uppie, uppie on mama’s shirt.” Our fault for hiking too far before turning around. It was just way too fun.

Also FYI – Carrying Eldyn all the way back on my shirt was more than worth it.

Here are a few photos.

Star Ship Stars

July 11, 2014 § 2 Comments

Nothing but raw talent…

starships screen shot

The Equalizer, by Midge Bubany

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Originally posted on Hadley Barrows:


The Equalizer is the first in a crime-fiction series by my writing friend, Midge Bubany. What fun to see my friend have some writing success in the form of an honest-to-gosh published book! And, what fun to read a story full of lovable characters and ironic twists.

Sometimes, in my experience, crime fiction can make a girl restless – just tell me what happens already! I am not sure if this phenomenon has anything to do with what I am sure is my woeful inability to be an actual detective. Or maybe it’s just because my kids only let me read for 5 minutes at a time. Regardless, I’m usually just totally confused and uninterested by the time I finish a mystery murder.

But the Equalizer was different. There were reminders and hints to help me keep things straight. A combination of intriguing clues and interesting sub-plots to deliver a nice tension. I still couldn’t wait…

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Hiram: 5 Years + 1 Month

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See To It: Hiram has recently realized that he can influence his own destiny. For example, when he noticed I was acting non-committal about having a bonfire over the weekend, he just went ahead and started setting up chairs. Next thing we knew, Bumpa was building the fire and there were marshmallows on all the roasting forks.

LEGO-splosion: Hello parents who complain about walking on Lego with bare feet in the middle of the night. We have arrived in your world and I see what you mean now. Boats that can fly. Very fast cars with windshields that open and close as long as you’re very careful. It’s equal parts a little bit out of control and completely fantastic.

Make the plan. Make the thing. Dreaming up and making things is a priority for Hiram right now. This includes all kinds of crafty projects like a very complicated water gun made from tape and cardboard and a hand-drawn television that (very realistically) only shows one picture all the time and has at least two different remotes. “Mom, can you hand me the remote for my TV?” he asked me. I handed him one that seemed to have all kinds of buttons. Enough to do the job at least. “No,” he said,  “Where’s the other one?” (sigh).


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On Sunday, Hiram got to go to a birthday party and Lew had to stay home with me. At first he was completely, utterly, understandably devastated. To try to console him, I gave him two of his favorite options for lunch.

Cheese Tacos or Macaroni and Cheese?

“Macaroni and Cheese,” he mumbled.

Aside from the part of the preparation where Eldyn started screaming hysterically because he thought I poured the entire pan of noodles down the drain, (he was relieved to see they were just in the strainer…does he really think I am such a rash person as that? To just, out of some unforeseen frustration and without any warning, dump all the noodles down the drain and cancel lunch?) Eldyn and I had fun making lunch.

We also had fun eating lunch although I must admit it’s sometimes hard to know exactly how to converse over lunch with someone who is 2point5. Sometimes things are said with feeling but don’t require a response. Other times, things are said with feeling and clearly require a response but are completely impossible to understand.

This did not faze us. We quickly fell into a pattern of just saying “hi” in funny ways. Hi, hi, HI, HI!, hihi, hi. We had such a nice time. We connected in this way we don’t get to do very often. We were focused just on each other. We made each other laugh and we were both sad when it was Eldyn’s nap time.

Last night, I was making dinner for the family when Eldyn walked up to me with what I am SURE had been the only noodle (or any other kind of debris for that matter) left on the kitchen floor. He held it between his chubby little fingers. He lifted it up to me and said, “remember?”

“Yes,” I said. “I remember. That was fun, wasn’t it?”


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