Future Astro-not

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Hiram is a summer baby, for sure. Swimming. Baseball. Wearing tank tops and shorts. He loves it all. Another thing he loves is space. Rocket ships, astronauts, planets etc. But based on this conversation, I’d say I know where his priorities lie.

Hiram: Mom, I think people should only go to space in the winter. 

Me: Oh yeah, why is that? 

Hiram: Well, for one thing, everyone needs a BREAK, so you should take a break in summer. And also. In space you have to wear pants all the time. Why would you want to miss a SHORTS day just to go to space? 

Dabble Dip

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I couldn’t let the week end without posting a picture of this cute little Muskrat!

Hiram had his class play last Tuesday and did an awesome job packing and patting and singing about all nature you see by a pond. He was so excited – “I can’t believe it’s finally the day for our play!”

The worst part was the huge letdown he suffered when it was over. He actually cried his makeup off! Which of course, made him cry even harder.

Super proud of H and his whole class. They are stars!

Eldyn: 3 Years + 5 Months

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Mean Words! Lew and I have been working on the distinction between “mean words” and words he just doesn’t like. It’s a concept that’s hard to grasp and as a result, I’ve been deemed pretty dang mean lately. Reasons I’m a “Mean Mama!” include: Bedtime, time to clean up, no cookies for breakfast, no pajamas to school, no snitching before dinner, brushing teeth, time to go potty, etc., etc., etc.

Spill It.  Somehow lately, Eldyn has mastered the art of spilling every single cup of fluid within reach. Covered or not. For a while, it was the “No use crying” approach. Then B and I moved to slight exasperation. Then exasperation. Then pleading. Now, we’re just resigned. It’s part of the routine. Last night, Lew spilled his sippy cup in his bed and I told him to “just find a dry spot and sleep there.”

Guilt Trip: With all the crazy that is, it’s been getting harder and harder to find a night when all four of us are home for bedtime. Eldyn hates this. He likes it when we’re all together and has started staking claims on times he knows we’re usually together.

“This weekend? Can we ride our bikes to the bunny and go to the waterfall and then go camp firing?”

“Tonight? Can you stay home and eat dinner and do homework and tuck me in?”

I’d love nothing more, little man.

2 Years + 5 Months

1 Year + 5 Months

5 Months

Hiram: 5 Years + 11 Months

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Just one more month of “Pretend 6” and then he’s actually 6. What an amazing age.

Level F Reading – Hiram continues to make awesome reading progress and has worked his way all the way up to F! For those of you who aren’t familiar, F seems to be the level where a person can generally read whatever – cards he receives in the mail, toys he never noticed had words before, secret shopping lists.

Running Unlimited – Recently Hiram has been challenging us to athletic games and then legitimately winning. One of the more impressive was the one where he suggested we “run until we can’t.” Then he ran so long we had to call it on account of dinnertime.

Pretend 6 is Still 5: As six looms large, I feel compelled to make a list of things Hiram does that are still so sweet and little. Thing like:

  • Sliding his hand into mine whenever we cross a busy street
  • Sucking his thumb when he’s worried or tired
  • Calling me for one more hug after he’s been tucked into bed
  • Coming to me for kisses when something hurts
  • Carrying a backpack so big it bounces off the backs of his knees

I love this baby boy.

4 Years + 11 Months

3 Years + 11 Months

2 Years + 11 Months

1 Years + 11 Months

Gardening – Spring 2015 Update

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Here we go again. It’s spring and I’m beyond optimistic about the growing season this year.


To be fair, there’s a lot to be excited about. Including the beautiful new square foot garden Brad built for me and all the seedlings started and ready to be planted in their new and hopefully extremely nutritious home.

Here are a few pics to document my favorite time in the gardening cycle.

Say What? Joe

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Eldyn is at a point where he could legitimately take the reigns on the Say What Series. Almost every day he says something completely and utterly Say-What-Worthy. For example – this entire dialogue starting with:

“Mom, let’s pretend I’m baby Jesus.”

“OK. What does that involve?”

“You’re Mary.”


“And daddy?”


“He’s Joe.”

This is Post Number 1,000

April 25, 2015 § Leave a comment

What is one supposed to possibly say in a post that is number one thousand. Gees Louise that’s a lot of posts. Probably best to thank (profusely) those readers who are still here (thanks, profusely) and not think too hard about what to write. God knows if I think of some amazing thing to say, I can always write it tomorrow.  Clearly, there’s no blog post limit or I would know about it.

Thanks for all the material, boys! XOXOX





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