Calling All Amazing Kids

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Originally posted on Hadley Barrows:

I want to tell stories about amazing kids. I know you know a few.

When I was little, my friends and I made a newspaper. It was one page front and back. Then we went door-to-door selling it to our neighbors – all of whom were very polite and either gave us money or found a way to gently send us on our way. All except for one guy who took a quick look at our paper and said, “I can buy the Star Tribune for less than a dollar and it’s got hundreds more pages than your paper. Why would I buy yours?”

It felt harsh and we were mad at him. But even then, I knew he was right. In that moment I had learned my first important business lesson and I still think about that guy. About how he, of all the people we met that day, had the…

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Eldyn: 3 Years + 4 Months

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Pedal, Pedal! We got a new tag-along bike for Eldyn that attaches to mine, is his size AND has pedals! He is so thrilled (Upon seeing it, he said, “What in the HECK in the WORLD!!??”) and told me that he thinks we should always just ride our bikes. I like it too. It’s like a turbo booster.

Rocking Out: When we rearranged Lew’s room, we put the rocking chair in the living room. About a week after we made the change he asked me, “When will you put my rocking chair back?” Change is hard, so I tried giving it a little more time (Plus, it’s so big! We barely used it!) But, he never gave up the fight. Finally, last weekend, we put it back. It takes up a lot of room and he doesn’t care.

Accident-Free: We made the switch! No more rubber pants for Lew. AND, more importantly, no more accidents*. He’s really, very far along in the potty training process. I still have my sanity and Eldyn has all kinds of underwear – each with a different and equally awesome picture of something on it. This is a major milestone.

*Some restrictions to this claim may still apply.

2 Years + 4 Months

1 Year + 4 Months

4 Months

Berry Happy

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I went a little crazy buying berries at the grocery store over the weekend. There were a few minutes when I actually wondered if we would eat them all before they went bad.

Oh yeah. I keep forgetting that I am a mom of two growing, berry-loving boys.



Hiram: 5 Years + 10 Months

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Rink Rat: Twice in the last month, Hiram has dropped in on Brad’s weekly Friday morning hockey session for a few minutes of skating with his dad. He absolutely loves being part of a ritual his dad has been doing faithfully since long before he was born. So far, it’s only been a one-off (x2) kind of thing. But there is a little something there. The very, very (very, very, very) early beginnings of something we all hope will be a lifelong happy memory for Hiram.

Easy Reader: I know he can read but I cannot get my head around it. I don’t know why. I listen to him read. I see that he is reading the same words I am reading. And yet. There is still a large part of my brain that insists (insists!) he must have the book memorized. The book we’ve never seen before. Or the one that has so many pages there is absolutely no way.  He finishes it up. Looks at me and says, “That was too easy. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.” It’s daily amazement.

April Fools! Sigh. Hiram seems to be in the camp with the people who absolutely love April Fools Day. Sadly, I am not in this camp but I promise to work on my attitude for next year. He spent all day on April 1 walking around doing variations of knock-knock jokes that were like this:

“Knock, Knock”

(who’s there?)


(rock who?)

“And Roll! April Fools Day!”

Then you were required to laugh or he would look very, very sad. All day long this happened. On April 2 he tried it again and I actually kind of snapped at him. “No! April Fools Day is over!” He looked at me like I had just killed his puppy.

4 Years + 10 Months

3 Years + 10 Months

2 Years + 10 Months

1 Year + 10 Months

Easter 2015

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Easter was the whole weekend long at our house. Up to Mora on Saturday where we had loads of fun but took no pictures. At all.

Sunday I did a better job taking pictures. Here are a few – mainly just proof that my boys do each own a pair of pants that are not workout pants. Yes, Hiram’s non-sweatpants option is jeans. The definition of “cleaning up nice” is all relative.

Say What? Shadows

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Hiram: “Mom, do you know what a shadow is?”

Me: “What?”

Hiram: “A shadow is everyone’s own super power to make darkness.”

Family Day – Science and Other Amusements

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We took a spring break hooky day* yesterday!

Sunday night, Hiram started his usual grumbling about the next day being Monday. It was so, so fun to be able to tell him that we agreed! One more home day would be fun. And YES, just this time, we were going to do it! I realize this trick would lose its luster if we did it every week. But oh man.

We started with oatmeal at Nina’s and then SPACE at the Science Museum. For reasons my introverted self could not understand, we also went to the Mall of America after nap/quiet time. Hiram earned 2 free rides during the Read-a-Thon at school so clearly, we needed to do that.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. It’s really hard to remember that today is Tuesday.

* OK fine, not exactly a hooky day since both our bosses approved our vacation time off. But it was very last-minute so it still felt a little bit naughty.


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