You Can Take the Girl Out of Target…

April 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Despite my initial sheepishness about bringing a rolling suitcase to work on Friday, I was really glad I did. That suitcase, which I naively thought “should do it” only put a small dent in the pile of personal stuff I had accumulated in my cubicle. In all, I ended up with about 47* bags that were stuffed to the gills.

This process of packing up and walking out of the place where I had been employed for the past five years made my chest tight. Goodbye cubicle. Goodbye row. Goodbye floor. Goodbye elevator. Goodbye piano. Goodbye friendly security guy who could never seem to wait to wish me a good evening with an eager little wave.

I drove home in a bit of a panic. I wanted to cry. I wanted to call my boss and renege, beg and bawl until I convinced Target to take me back. “Oh my God!” I thought. “I don’t belong anywhere!”

Luckily, I processed all this by myself in my trusty 1997 Honda Civic named Herkie who carried me along with the same “go-get-it-ness” I can always count on from him. He played me songs he hoped would cheer me up and brought me safely home where I saw this flyer hanging on my door. The flyer– I think is important to note– was four times bigger than my head.**

** not an exaggeration


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