Can’t See the Internet for the Trees

April 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

I thought my husband was kidding the first time he told me that our internet was slow because of leaves in our trees. It’s exactly the kind of interesting tidbit that makes me feel old.

“Hiram,” I’ll say to my son in a granny voice, “When I started my business, I had to hang by my knees out of the second story of my house and raise my laptop to the sky in order to send my friend an e-mail!”

“Ah mom,” he’ll say, “You’re so old.”


But apparently, that is exactly the case. My delusional idea of what would happen on the first day at Hadley Barrows Inc. included making business cards, contacting everyone I know and creating a glorified to-do-list a.k.a. “master plan.” In actuality, it included eating too fast and driving around like a crazy lady while holding my laptop out the window and looking for a renegade internet signal that 1) didn’t require a password and 2) was faster than, well, nothing.

It also included a stop at the Tea Garden (love that place + internet) and going for a run before cooking my family a delicious dinner. And having the energy to water my new raspberry bushes. All in all, a pretty great first day.



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