Uh Oh! Ego!

April 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last night, I did a presentation for my mom and her friends in the League of Women Voters. The topic they asked me to speak about was Japan and my experiences studying there two years ago. I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to talking in front of a group but considering the topic (Japan = prolific-ness) and the audience (my mom and second grade teacher to name a few) I happily agreed to stop by.

I felt good about what I was going to say. I tried to consider the audience, make it relevant and keep it light. I showed pictures, told nice stories and even fielded a few questions at the end. Successful, I’d say if I was being objective.

But “objective” is the key word here and after my presentation to the very nice ladies and gentlemen of the league, I’d be lying if I said that was a quality I possessed. Rather, I was obsessed. Rehashing every word and remembering points I wished I had made. Thinking over phrases and rewording them like it mattered. It was ugly, my friends. So ugly in fact, that I had to call my mom when I got home and ask her to give my ego a few loving strokes before I went to bed.

What is going on here? Why do I give such a hoot? I’ve always been proud of my ability to distance myself from the work I do. Business, of course, is business. Unless your business is you. Oh man. TGIF.


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