Rain, Rain

May 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m grumpy today. It’s raining and I’m lonely and continuing to make anti-progress. My internet is still spotty. It comes and goes in waves. Every few hours my inbox will ding and it’s like one of those movies where the sun is only lined up in the perfect spot for a few minutes during which time you have to press the special brick and open the world of sparkle monkeys. I hear the ding and think, “Now’s my chance!!” I scramble to publish my blog…check! Send all my e-mails…check! Visit a few web si… NETWORK ERROR! Grumble.

I’m taking it out on innocent people too, like that lady who didn’t notice I wanted to merge or my dear husband who is doing his best. In my head I think things like, “Do we live in a barn?” “I just swept that!” etc. I try not to say all of them out loud because can you imagine?

So. Enough of that. The internet guy comes today for gosh sakes. And the rain is watering my grass seed. And I have four windows in my office.



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