An Inside Look

May 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

I am having trouble writing this weekend in review—probably because the weather was awesome, we were at the cabin and most of my pictures are of Hiram tooling around inside. Which, if I am being honest, which I am trying to do, is a fair representation of what I did with Hiram this weekend. 

Don’t get me wrong, the weekend was great and Hiram did get outside now and then. It’s just that I, as his mother, didn’t do the best job of getting my little guy outside enough and that makes me feel like a big fat failure. But you know what? Taking a kid outside is stressful. There are bugs. Sun.  Water. Random animal poop for eating. And grass. Oh man grass. 

Hiram (a.k.a.) Hike had hives last week and even though most people assure me it is unlikely, I kind of blame the grass. It’s so prickly and green. It even kind of makes me itchy and I’m not allergic. I also hate anything else that might be the culprit. Laundry soap, antibiotics, strawberries, asparagus(?!?) Whatever might be fueling Hike’s hives ticks me off. 

Since we don’t know what that is, I hate everything. “Oh, no you don’t,” I hiss under my breath in the direction of everywhere.  Then I kiss his little blond head and cover every inch of him up by wrapping my arms around him twice. And then I keep him in the cabin. 

I know I need to lighten up. I know I do. These pictures are proof that his mama’s fear of hives is having a detrimental impact on his life. But not that detrimental. Not yet.   

Taking a break from digging to pose for a shot.

Hiram climbed into this bucket all by himself.

Making do since his push toy was at home.

Mama's little muffin man.

 Starting now. I will do better. We are going outside tonight.


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§ 2 Responses to An Inside Look

  • Heather says:

    Hadley – Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are not awful Mom for not having Hiram outside all day this weekend. Sometimes it just works better to have children inside and sometimes they have more fun inside and do not even know what they are missing. Plus its only May there are at least 3 more months of beautiful days to enjoy. I agree it is probably not the grass but perhaps something he ate. If you have not changed laundry detergent – you can probably rule that out too. Process of elimination. I would definitely start with food. You are doing a great job! The photos are great. It is fun to see how big he is becoming. Enjoy his 1st birthday. And good luck continuing on your new adventures – I think it is awesome. Take care. Love, Heather

  • Catherine says:

    I second the notion that it may be food! Jackson had facial hives from peanut butter at 15mos and Amelia broke out in hives all over her body from eggs at 12mos. I recommend a pediatric allergist consult. Let me know if you want the name/number of ours. (P.S. I also agree that you’re NOT a bad mom and you’re certainly not the first mom to ever feel that way about the great outdoors! It was much easier for me after my kids learned to walk. And now they go in and out of the house by themselves and need a bath every night to get the dirt off.) 🙂

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