Great Friends. Great Art.

May 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

Megan and I got some nice press on Commemorate the Date in our friend Christy’s monthly newsletter.

Great Friends. Great Art.

Longtime friends Megan Moore and Hadley Barrows are making original art accessible to those celebrating an important date. On paper, the duo might appear to be opposites—Moore with a degree in illustration and Barrows with an MBA. But these divergent backgrounds are perfect for this collaboration.

Commemorate the Date allows customers to commission a Megan Moore original by selecting flowers, colors, and a date or name. “I always thought Megan’s idea was brilliant,” says Barrows, who began partnering with Moore in April. “When I started thinking about it from a business perspective, I [realized] it had a lot of potential.”

 John Riske, who has received a Commemorate the Date painting, agrees. “[The piece is] a beautiful representation of my wedding day. It’s a really tasteful way to mark a special occasion.”

The partnership works this way: While Moore is busy painting, Barrows focuses on drumming up business and making long-term plans for growth. “There are so many details to running a business,” says Moore. “It’s great to have a partner with expertise in the area so I can concentrate my efforts on creating the art.”

Moore developed the idea for Commemorate the Date commissions after creating a version for a friend’s wedding a couple years ago. Since then, the idea has expanded. Customers can commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, or any other milestone, and include a name or date. They can also purchase save-the cards or thank-you notes that feature the artwork, or buy the electronic image to create a signature look anywhere.

“It’s a great way to dabble in commissioning art,” Barrows says. “You know you’re going to get Megan’s original flowers, but you also know the piece will be uniquely yours.”

Each 8-by-10-inch painting on archival illustration board comes framed, and pricing starts at $200. For more info, contact or visit

Read the full newsletter here: newsletter_may10


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