Happy Birthday Sweet Baby

June 4, 2010 § 4 Comments

Brad’s cousin Heather does something kind of neat on her blog, which is to write periodic updates about what each of her kids has been up to. It seems like a nice way to track their progress so I’m stealing the idea (thanks Heather!) and starting a monthly update for Hiram. His first birthday is on Sunday, June 6, so my updates will be on or around the 6th of each month.  

Hiram: 1 Year

There are a few things Hiram loves for sure.

  • Finding little holes to stick his fingers into. Holes like the ones the caterpillar makes as it crawls through each treat in “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” He also thinks it’s funny when he sees other people’s fingers sticking out through a little hole. If your finger is too fat, don’t worry. It doesn’t even have to be all the way through. Just a dimple of a finger sticking out is enough to give him a laughing fit.
  • Owls. This might be my fault since I insisted on dressing him up as an owl for Halloween but regardless, it’s something he loves. He likes to read the book, “Some Babies are Wild” and always stops on the page with the big-eyed baby owls. He points to them and says, “whoo whoo.”
  • Carrot cake. He tried it for the first time last week and for once, didn’t have the patience to pinch the carrot cake between his own two fingers and eat it by himself. Instead, as I held the bit out for him to take, he grabbed my hand and shoved it, along with the carrot cake, into his mouth. Clearly, he loves carrot cake.   

Although he’s very good natured, there are a few things I am pretty certain he hates.

  • Avocado.

(When Hiram doesn’t like food, he doesn’t complain. Instead of crying or throwing the food he hates, he flirts and hopes we won’t notice that he isn’t eating. I think this might be the “pleaser” in him, but this characteristic breaks my heart.)

  • Anyway, avocado. One day while I was feeding him an avocado, Hiram started to cry. Not whine. Cry. Like he cries when he is SO frustrated. He opened his mouth and tilted his head back to reveal half an avocado packed onto the roof of his mouth and in both cheeks. Then he spit it out. That also broke my heart because I LOVE avocado. I almost made guacamole with it, but I didn’t.
  • The  Italian Leprechaun.
  • Help. Hiram hates anything he can’t do himself. He hates it when I brush his teeth. He hates it when I brush his hair. He really hates it when I change his diaper. He has no patience for these kinds of nonsense activities.  Unless I let him do it. He “brushed his teeth” for 20 minutes after dinner last night and right now, he is sleeping with his hair bush.  

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§ 4 Responses to Happy Birthday Sweet Baby

  • Heather says:

    Hadley – great update! I want to help you with the last one but it is a struggle that will be there for awhile always with something different – until they are completely independent. At least this is what I think based on our experience. If he wants to sleep with his hair brush I say let him. As for brushing his teeth you definitely need to do this for him but you can let him do it either after or before. After is probably better. This may sound cruel but we actually lie katherine down and put our legs over her arms and her head is between our legs and brush her teeth. She sometimes fights it and screams but we are able to brush her teeth without her little hands trying to grab the brush or swat at us. We did the same with Emma and eventually she got used to it. Katherine does not like her diaper change either – she cries a bit less now than she did 3 months ago at 12 months. We try to distract her. Again we lie her down and put our leg over her belly so she can’t go anywhere. Katherine does not like to have to stop what she is doing to change a diaper. He will come around with all of it and then will move on to other things he does not want help with or he will come to realize he needs help to learn it. Sorry to say.
    Happy 1st Birthday Hiram! You look like an incredibly cute little boy. We can’t wait to see you in July. Oh yeah, I love the photo!

  • renee says:

    Happy Birthday Hiram!

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