The Blog Post is About a Form

June 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

There are a ton of little things a person needs to do to get their business going. I keep trying to do updates about these things on my blog. Like, for about 3 weeks, I have been thinking I should write about the Certificate of Assumed Name I need to file with the state to reserve my business name. Then I realize that I am about to write an entire blog entry about a form I filled out and …Delete! Delete! Delete!

But then I go back to my vision for this blog, which is to accurately represent what it is like to be me starting this business on my own and I worry that by only talking about the sexy things I do (RFP baby, yeah) I might be jipping my readers out of the full picture. Plus, what if someone wants to start their own business and doesn’t know about the Certificate of Assumed Name? That. Would not. Be good.  

So. If you are someone who is interested in this fascinating topic, read on. If not, stop here.




Hello readers! Welcome to the first in a series on the less sexy side of starting out on your own. Our first lesson is on the Certificate of Assumed Name. This handy certificate is used when a business owner wants to call themselves something other than their first and last name. It says, “This business name belongs to a person and is therefore legit.”

The form is redic easy to fill out. The hardest part is paying the 25 bucks to file. You just have to answer super simple questions like your name, your business name and the business address, which can be your home address if that’s where you work. After a few weeks for processing, you get a fancy little notice saying you are associated with that name.

Before you are completely legit, you have to publish your name in a newspaper two weeks in a row. The paper you pick has to run in the county where you are going to be doing business. I don’t feel like I ever see these kinds of announcements, but lots of papers offer this service for a smallish fee. The Secretary of State has a list of papers on their website.

One important note: The Certificate of Assumed Name doesn’t protect you from someone else naming their business the same thing as yours. But if you are the first to file, you apparently do get some kind of notice that someone else is encroaching on your turf. After that, it’s up to you to stop them.

One other important note: Before you file a Certificate of Assumed Name, you have to decide which type of business you want to be. The options are many, but some you might be familiar with are Sole Proprietorship and Limited Liability. This is a whole nother balla wax which you should research on your own if this is your type of thing.

 This concludes our lesson for today. Thanks for reading.


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§ 2 Responses to The Blog Post is About a Form

  • renee says:

    I’m confused about the newspaper part … that seems really weird. Why would they require that? And since they do, why wouldn’t that just be part of the deal when you fill out the form. What is the purpose behind it? It seems like bureaucratic BS if you ask me.

  • Dave B. says:

    The idea, I believe, is to notify the public that you are going to be doing business (and contracting debts)under an “assumed name”. It is an ancient law declared to protect business people from fraud. Went through the same when I started a Co. a few years ago.
    Also, most small town papers (where you usually find these) have a standard format and charge which is usually not too high.

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