Good Job Walking!

June 17, 2010 § 3 Comments

We were watching Hike waddle around the other day. He has a fat lip from falling on his face during a previous walking attempt but nonetheless, was grinning like a crazy person because he knows walking is awesome. We were cheering too because we agree.

This got me thinking.  What would life be like if we all cheered for each other whenever one of us walked somewhere? Instead of saying, “howareyou?fine.” whenever we crossed paths, we’d say, “Hey! Great job walking!! Way to go! Keep doing it!”


I agree with you. That would be odd. Clearly, babies have never done it before and that’s why it’s exciting when they do things we can all already do.

New businesses are a lot like newborns. You work and work on them and then one day, you notice that your business hasn’t been spitting up on you as much as it used to. Or you notice that it can sit up a little straighter without you holding on. I guess that’s just as exciting, but not nearly as cute.


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