The Summer Freeze

June 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

Last year, Brad and I found a good deal on a chest freezer and squeezed it into our basement in anticipation of our 1.5 CSA shares this summer. So, it’s time to start freezing. This is harder than it sounds because everything looks so pretty and delicious right now. (Compared to its fresh counterpart, blanched/frozen spinach looks so…depressing.) But I have to keep reminding myself that:

  • Eating sixteen cups of spinach and eight pounds of cabbage in one week does not, a happy family, make.
  • In January, the stuff we freeze now will look like green hot fudge sundae patties to our nutrient deprived selves.

So, we went to work freezing our spinach and asparagus and any other springtime leafy green that would agree to it. Progress on filling up the freezer? See for yourself.


With all this space, we jumped at the chance to buy part (approximately 1/24th) of a completely grass-fed organic cow with Megan and a few other friends. Here we are at the divvy-up party last night.


I realize that I am way too excited to be standing beside a box full of one-eighth of a cow, but this is the only picture I have and my friends look reasonable so posting this here is my punishment for being a crazy lady.

Happy Friday everyone!



§ 2 Responses to The Summer Freeze

  • Dan Mandle says:

    What make/model freezer did you buy? Do you still have the research on other models? C and I have been talking for two years about freezing our CSA veggies. One can only can so much, and you just may have relit the fire on us to get some ice over here.

    • hadleybarrows says:

      Ours is a Haier Manual Defrost Chest Freezer. It comes with a depressing little plastic spatula for defrosting, but I try not to think about that part. The price was SO right and Brad’s mom was a saint in tracking it down for us. So far, it’s served us well. I think you should take the polar plunge!

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