Two Down, Ten to Go

June 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Can you believe I’ve been doing this for two months already? I can. And I can’t. But at any rate, it’s time for the next business/life update. As you recall, I started this last month as a way to reflect on my progress and kick myself in my own pants when necessary. So let’s see how things went down.  

Financial update: Here’s a chart showing my income for the past two months. The red bar is how much I used to make, and the blue bar is how much I make at Hadley Barrows Inc.  


Now for the indices, which are not technically index numbers but things I did and then counted.

The Unplanned Out to Eat Index: 3 (number of times we went out to eat when it was not Friday pizza night and/or written down on my weekly meal planner). The goal for the UOE Index is zero. Previous month was 4.

The Move My Tail Index: 14 (number of times I exercised). The goal for the MMT Index is 20. Previous month was 11.

The Business Card Index: 7 (the number of business cards I handed out). The goal for the BC Index is 20. Previous month was 10.

Plus, a bonus index for June– The Things I Dropped at Least Three Separate Times During the Past Month Index (TIDALTSTDTPM Index):

  • Drinking Glass
  • Egg

Finally, an overview of the more productive things I did.

  • Added the William Mitchell College of Law to my list of clients
  • Finalized the nitty grittys to make Commemorate the Date a legitimate business and started on an official promotion plan (10 percent complete)
  • Finished a first draft of my second children’s book: Hippo in a Bubble
  • Threw a rockin’ first birthday party for Hike
  • Managed the selection of a roofing contractor for our house
  • Started on my web site: (30 percent complete)

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