The End.

July 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s the last day of children’s book writing class and I feel completely out of touch. The house is a total sty, Hike doesn’t have a lick of milk left in the fridge and I am sure I’ve missed quite a few other important things but I don’t even have a clue what those might be.

Even though it’s been only one week, I’m having flashbacks to my life as a full-time working mom and appreciate my new life all that much more. And, I re-appreciate all my mom-friends who are still making that life work.

Here are a few re-cap photos from the week.

Flowers from Brad (especially important considering how neurotic I have been this week.)

Look at these pretty, pretty veggies. Our CSA is in complete full swing.


They finally finished chopping down the neighborhood tree on Thursday.

An amazing picture of Hike taken by his Great Aunt Linda.


We Are in a Fight

July 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

My secret goal was to finish Babella’s Umbrella this week. Simple, right? That is what I honestly thought.

But after spending all last night together I have decided that Babella and I are in a fight. A big fight. And I am not going to talk to her again until she gets a lot less stubborn. Which I already know is not going to happen any time soon.

Otherwise, the class is still going really, really well. The library visit yesterday was SO amazing. Basically, this library keeps all the drafts and materials that writers go through to get to their end result. I saw a very early draft of Some Babies are Wild (Hike loves this book). I also liked reading all the letters between diva authors and their editors. You should see what they say when they get a bad review or don’t like the cover of their book. Super juicy, people. You should check it out.

One other note: I realize that my efforts to blog while channeling all my creative efforts elsewhere is a slight failure so thanks for sticking with me.

Day 2, Phew.

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Negative points go to me  for being a drama queen about reading in front of my class. I have to say, the experience was actually a highlight of my writing career. Everyone was nice but also gave me great ideas about how to make my story better.

Of course, now that I have all these ideas, I’ve got a lot more work to do. Our next critique is tomorrow and since we’re in class all day, it’s actually kind of impossible to figure out exactly when I am going to make these improvements. Hence, the 5 a.m. start this morning (sleep, Hiram, sleep!)

Today, we’re going to a library at the U of M where we can see all the drafts and editor’s notes for some pretty famous children’s books. I’m like, nerdy excited about it.

Day 1, Done.

July 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

Aaaand, I am officially overeating due to stress. Just polished off a huge blob of ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies and it was totally delish. After a day of wracking up the nerve to read things I wrote out loud, I would have felt completely justified in my indulgence too, except the neighbor lady across the street just asked me if I was expecting again (which I am not.)

I still haven’t read my story, story. Just some writing exercises today. The story debut comes tomorrow and I’m already feeling a little jittery. However, I don’t think I will put myself to shame unless I let my nerves get the best of me so I’m focusing on just doing my best. Well, doing my best and whatever treat I can get my hands on.

Hot Fun

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Another great summer weekend in Minnesota.

Friday night we tried out Hike’s new swing set, built by Grandpa Barrows. Hiram LOVED it. He even started to cry when we tried to take him out too soon.

Saturday, Megan and I finished our 10 mile race. It was hot but gloriously cloudy for the first 8 miles. Here we are finishing. Clearly, we were too distracted to notice that 3501 was beating us in the final feet. But she looks like she wanted it more, so that’s OK.

Yesterday, one of us was supposed to distract Hike so the other one could paint our house trim, but then the weather station said this:

So we went to the beach instead.

Now, I have to go. I’m still trying to finish the story for my children’s book writing class which starts this morning. I can tell I’m nervous. I spent the entire weekend trying not to overeat.

Three Down, Nine to Go

July 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’ve finished the first fiscal quarter at Hadley Barrows Inc. and that means just one thing. Time to rehash my accomplishments in an attempt to bolster my self-esteem. This month wasn’t too bad. I’m continuing to increase my income for one thing…

Here’s a chart showing my income for the past three months. The red bar is how much I used to make, and the blue bar is how much I make at Hadley Barrows Inc.

The indices aren’t too shabby either.

Please remember, if you are a math wiz, I don’t want to hear it. I already know that these aren’t indices but just things I did and then counted. 

The Unplanned Out to Eat Index: 1 (number of times we went out to eat when it was not Friday pizza night and/or written down on my weekly meal planner). This probably has something to do with the cornucopia of veggies we have in our fridge but I’ll take it anyway. The goal for the UOE Index is zero. June was 3 and May was 4. 

The Move My Tail Index: 17 (number of times I exercised). The goal for the MMT Index is 20. Still not my goal but my highest yet. This lucky number 17 may also have something to do with the 10-miler I’m running tomorrow. Because who wants to fail in front of everyone? June was 14 and May was 11. 

The Business Card Index: 13 (the number of business cards I handed out). The goal for the BC Index is 20 so I’ve still got a way to go. But I feel optimistic about next month. June was 10 and July was a stinky 7. 

And my new index this month, the BLI or Biggest Loser Index: 3 (The number of times I am officially rejected). The goal for the BLI Index last month was 4 (and next month is 5) so I’ve still got work to do here too. But I think this index is definitely doing what I want it to do. I tried several times to get rejected for the fourth time in the past week and people just kept telling me yes! 

Note: In Biz School, we learned that people accomplish what is measured– a trick I am trying on myself that seems to be working. I am going to start thinking of some additional things to measure for the next quarter since a few of these are clearly getting too easy.

Finally, an overview of the more productive things I did. 

  • Continued on with an additional project from William Mitchell.
  • Reviewed a nearly finished video from the Richfield Foundation, which included a script written by yours truly.
  • Started our Florist Network for Commemorate the Date. So far, 7 shops have “signed on.”
  • Oversaw the installation of our new roof.
  • Endured my first extremely traumatic view of Hike falling right onto his head from, I guess you could only call it, “a little ways up.” (he’s fine and his mama will get there).

10 Miles From Now

July 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

This weekend I will run in the first long-distance race I’ve done since Hike was born. It’s not a marathon but it’s still 10 miles (in Stillwater) and I’m looking forward to feeling like I’ve accomplished some solid running goal. It also won’t hurt that I’ll be back running with Megan again, which is always a treat.

I have to say, I’ve come to enjoy the training runs with Hike in tow. I won’t miss pushing that stroller up hills during the race, but I will miss the view.

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