R. I. Pea.

July 20, 2010 § 4 Comments

It sneaks up on me every year. The time when the veggies from our CSA become relentless. The time when we become vegetarians because, although we love bacon, we are too full of kale.  The time when I respond to Brad’s thoughtful suggestion of going out to eat with 5 frantic words: “We. Have. Squash. To. Eat!”

This year, the panic started when I noticed the peas I had so lovingly shelled last week were starting to sprout. To me, these sprouts were not cute. They meant that I was losing the race and that the veggies were winning.

That cabbage for example. All plopped down on my refrigerator shelf looking smug with saggy leaves. “Hadley,” the cabbage says when I open the fridge door. “Your chance to make coleslaw is wilting away.”

And the cucumbers. So versatile and easy to pop in your mouth. And yet they are starting to shrivel. I guess who can blame them really?  They have been buried under 18 onions and 14 zucchini since last Thursday.

This morning, the crisper drawer wouldn’t even close without some leaf or stem sticking out to mock me. I want to scream at these irritating little veggies. Don’t they know that I’m in charge here?

Clearly, I should stop before I say something I regret. But just one last thing. I hate beets. I try to be a good sport and eat them up each week but this week, I am done. Tonight, I am turning them into beet chocolate cake because I can’t stand it. Anymore.


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