Three Down, Nine to Go

July 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’ve finished the first fiscal quarter at Hadley Barrows Inc. and that means just one thing. Time to rehash my accomplishments in an attempt to bolster my self-esteem. This month wasn’t too bad. I’m continuing to increase my income for one thing…

Here’s a chart showing my income for the past three months. The red bar is how much I used to make, and the blue bar is how much I make at Hadley Barrows Inc.

The indices aren’t too shabby either.

Please remember, if you are a math wiz, I don’t want to hear it. I already know that these aren’t indices but just things I did and then counted. 

The Unplanned Out to Eat Index: 1 (number of times we went out to eat when it was not Friday pizza night and/or written down on my weekly meal planner). This probably has something to do with the cornucopia of veggies we have in our fridge but I’ll take it anyway. The goal for the UOE Index is zero. June was 3 and May was 4. 

The Move My Tail Index: 17 (number of times I exercised). The goal for the MMT Index is 20. Still not my goal but my highest yet. This lucky number 17 may also have something to do with the 10-miler I’m running tomorrow. Because who wants to fail in front of everyone? June was 14 and May was 11. 

The Business Card Index: 13 (the number of business cards I handed out). The goal for the BC Index is 20 so I’ve still got a way to go. But I feel optimistic about next month. June was 10 and July was a stinky 7. 

And my new index this month, the BLI or Biggest Loser Index: 3 (The number of times I am officially rejected). The goal for the BLI Index last month was 4 (and next month is 5) so I’ve still got work to do here too. But I think this index is definitely doing what I want it to do. I tried several times to get rejected for the fourth time in the past week and people just kept telling me yes! 

Note: In Biz School, we learned that people accomplish what is measured– a trick I am trying on myself that seems to be working. I am going to start thinking of some additional things to measure for the next quarter since a few of these are clearly getting too easy.

Finally, an overview of the more productive things I did. 

  • Continued on with an additional project from William Mitchell.
  • Reviewed a nearly finished video from the Richfield Foundation, which included a script written by yours truly.
  • Started our Florist Network for Commemorate the Date. So far, 7 shops have “signed on.”
  • Oversaw the installation of our new roof.
  • Endured my first extremely traumatic view of Hike falling right onto his head from, I guess you could only call it, “a little ways up.” (he’s fine and his mama will get there).


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