…There Were Two

August 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

A few weeks ago I lost my driver’s license while driving to Lake Harriet for a run. I never bring my wallet to the lake and always “hide” my driver’s license while I run so at least, if someone breaks into Herkie, they have to rummage around a bit in order to steal the only thing even remotely valuable in my car. 

The problem is that I don’t always hide my valuable thing in the same place because, obviously…well actually I don’t know why I don’ t hide it in the same place. None of these places has ever failed me… Anyway, I hide things in various places and this is why I did not have the total confidence I needed to know that the place where I thought I hid my license was actually the place where I really did hide my license.

Even without total confidence, this hiding place was at the TOP of my list of hiding places to search because I was nearly 100 percent sure it was the place. But then I checked this place about 16 times and my driver’s license was not there. 

Then I sent Brad to check the hiding place and he said it was not there.

Then I checked this place another 14 times and decided my driver’s license was missing.

Then I went downtown and ordered another one.

Then I carried around my old license with one of those stupid folded up yellow pieces of paper for two weeks while I waited for my new license.

Then I got my new license.

Then I happened to glance in my hiding place while doing an activity that was not “looking for my license.”

Then I found my old license.



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