Rock On.

August 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

I got asked by the husband of a friend to review one of his eco-friendly products on my blog. This simple request had me paralyzed with indecision for almost a week. 

Here are the things I wondered: What is the point of my blog? Maybe it will be fun? Does this person realize that I have no clout? What if I have to write that I don’t like this thing? Am I a sell out? Are product reviews on blogs obnoxious? Is this a slippery slope? Is this blog art? For the love of God, who am I?

Finally, I thought, “I’ll ask Megan. She’ll tell me right away if this idea is fishy.”

She essentially said, “Why not?”

That is when I realized that sometimes I take myself WAY too seriously. So, I told the guy to send this thing on over and I’d have a little look-see.

This is not a review of that thing. I still haven’t received it.

However, this is me doing a practice review. I thought, just in case it really does come in the mail, I should practice being opinionated on my own terms. That way, I’ll be able to tell if I’m being objective once we add an actual person to the mix. Sound good? OK.  

Review starts here…

I got this free sample of sunscreen from Target a few years ago and even though I think I have heard that this stuff expires after one year, I have always chalked that little tidbit up to “brilliant” marketing. Needless to say, I still had it at the back of my medicine cabinet and in a sans-sunscreen pinch, pulled it out last week.

This was my first time using spray-on sunscreen. This notion seems kind of brilliant and because of that I was skeptical. Why, if this spray-on application method is available, do we not use it all the time?

Well, because sometimes you accidentally spray it right into your baby’s face and then it makes him cough. But otherwise, it actually does seem to be a quite effective method of SPF’ing.

It’s also handy when you go on a fifty-mile bike ride without the person in your life who you typically ask to apply sunscreen to your back. With this handy-dandy sprayer, there isn’t an inch of you that you can’t reach at least somewhat effectively by yourself.

How. Ever. I think it turned my hair pink. Or, as Megan would say, “strawberry blond.” I can’t say for sure, but there really isn’t another explanation so there you go–another downside to spraying is the chance that you will spray your own (fake-ish) blond hair and then turn it pink. Which is trouble unless your husband is a secret rock star like mine.



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§ 2 Responses to Rock On.

  • Megan says:

    i love the surprise photo at the end!

  • Josh says:

    Yeah… surprise photo… I think I know that singer… he sounds amazing in that photo…

    And don’t worry… while I didn’t have the spray on kind I did have that person who normally would run sunscreen on your back with me last weekend…

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