Budget Cuts

August 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

Brad and I were up way too late last night but are finally getting close to what is going to be our “new life” budget. I kind of adore it. It’s smart. It has strategy. And it’s on mint.com so it’s quite fancy looking if I do say so myself.

One area we’ve been totally rocking is our “shopping” category which we have significantly reduced by deciding to run errands (except groceries) once every 10 weeks (sorry TGT). It takes some planning, which takes time, which my new life affords. It also takes adaptability, which takes creativity, which also takes time, which… you know the rest.

We’re actually having quite a bit of fun thinking of the free-est way to do whatever it is we have in mind. Which is why this morning while Hike was having his hair cut (with coupon) at one of those walk-right-in joints, I found another opportunity to save 40 bucks a year. Because sheesh people. I can give Hike a bad hair cut for free. And I was watching the “expert” so now I know exactly what to do:

  • Start by cutting all the hair off in a “straight” line about 4 inches above the eyebrows
  • Trim a little off the left
  • Trim a little off the right
  • Repeat until it “looks” even
  • Decide the front is good enough and then hack off a big chunk off above the ear
  • Voila!

It's almost like he knows...


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§ 2 Responses to Budget Cuts

  • Linda says:

    There’s always his aunt, too, as a resource — she’s cut my hair for years. I may not wiggle quite as much as Hiram, tho —- He looks more and more like a boy and not a baby – sigh. They grow up too fast!

  • Sarah says:

    He lookes so handsome! My eyes go right to his precious face – no “bad” haircut can distract me 🙂

    (By the way Hadley, I do enjoy reading your blog! I like to see what you’ve been up to since you left us. It’s inspiring!)


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