A Picture’s Worth…

August 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I know what they say about pictures, but a lot of times the photos I take come up way short– Hike won’t be smiling just right or my neck will be craning in some odd direction and I’ll know that really, that’s not what our life was like right then. But sometimes a picture captures it all. And that is what happened last night. Here is the picture:


To the untrained eye, this might just look like a messy baby. But let me deconstruct this for you.

For a (crucial) brief period yesterday, my phone stopped working. During this non-functioning episode I received three phone calls. One from daycare and two from my husband. All looking for me. All needing me to pick up my son who had been (inaccurately, I believe) diagnosed with Chicken Pox.

Needless to say, I missed all these calls. By the time I figured out I was missing calls, my phone afforded me only a few snippets of information about the situation before shutting off completely. Just enough information to throw me into a tizzy and send me fleeing like a crazy lady to my baby’s daycare. Upon my hasty arrival, I found out that Hiram had already been picked up by Brad and (I imagined) was likely soaking in a warm pox-coaxing bath while my husband sat holding for the nurseline.

I called Brad on the daycare’s landline and he told me in a most soothing voice that Hiram was fine and to just come on home. So I did.

I came home to a good spirited husband and equally (if not more) good spirited son. Both hot. Both hungry. (One with little spots on his legs that my trusty baby manual suggested I circle for ease of observation.)

Both wondering what I had planned for dinner. Which was salmon. Grilled. On the grill outside that was still stone cold.

Frozen dinner Indian? I suggested.

Brad agreed to this but since Indian is still a little too spicy for Hike, I decided to give him rice with baby food on top and a side of tomatoes. (Delish!) 20 minutes later…ah da! as Hike would say. We were ready to eat.

And so we did. We at a good dinner. We ate quietly. Each of us snarfing our food in a world all our own. Brad and I enjoyed our frozen Indian food and Hiram enjoyed using a spoon to smear his rice and veggie puree all over himself.

He also enjoyed putting heirloom tomato in his hair.

And as I cleaned up after my baby, I knew this mess was the non-chicken pox’s fault.

Where are they now?

  • Hadley is incessantly checking her phone and hoping like the devil she’s right about the non-chicken-pox diagnosis.
  • Brad is working double time to make up for lost time.
  • Hike is back at daycare. He’s not crabby or feverish or itchy. But he still has circles drawn all over his leg “for ease of observation”

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