Hiram: 1 Year + 3 Months

September 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

The reminders that Hike is growing up are coming fast and furious. It’s a little hard on this mama of his, but I can feel myself enjoying all the new things he can do, so I’m sure I’ll come around soon.

 Here are a few of the more poignant reminders from the past month:

 His graduation to the toddler room where he sleeps on a cot and sometimes brings home art.

New shoes that light up and really do help him run faster, jump higher.

Hike’s first Happy Meal (I keep trying to leave this sentence off but a part of me NEEDS you to know: I ordered it with apples and milk).

He’s also saying all kinds of “words” including the infamous “ahdah” along with these others (and what I think they mean in perens)

  • Ba (ball)
  • Maaaaaa! (More (usually milk but it can mean anything really)
  • Hiyaaaa (Hello/Hi)
  • Da (dog)
  • Mama (me!)
  • Dada (Brad)
  • Baba (Bumpa a.k.a Grandpa Quam)
  • GoDaie (Good Job!)
  • Idaktoooooova! (I knocked it over)
  • Wazat! (What is that?)
  • Yabadabadabadabadaba (I am happy)
  • Plus all kinds of pointing and hand-held guiding which is used to convey other thoughtful suggestions (bring my blanket, put that step stool back over here where I can climb on it, let’s sit in the rocking chair together, etc.)

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