The Black Badge

September 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

Yep, I’ve traded in the red badge of a Target team member for a black contractor badge so I guess you could say I’m right back where I started. This time, though, I’m back on brand new terms– 20 hours per week as a communications contractor for a project called TGT$100.  So far, my days at Target (since Tuesday) represent the closest thing to “perfect” that I’ve had since I started this quest for “it all.”

So what, then, does “it all” entail? How about:

  • A little stability for Pete’s sake. As long as I don’t hose this up, I’ll know where the bucks are coming from for a few months. This is nice.
  • Real, actual, unadulterated time to work on Commemorate the Date and my other freelance writing endeavors. This is really, really nice. (Anyone who has ever applied for freelance work on “elance” knows what a time suck it is to be in the market for freelance work.) 
  • A little pressure. Remove 20 hours from my available time but keep (and/or add) workload in the other areas of my life and I feel downright…let’s say motivated. No frozen pizza or secret dates with Judge Judy for me.

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