A Wealth of Knowledge

September 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

Ask Megan. I told her I was going to forget something this week and pre-apologized in case it was something very important. Apparently, (and hopefully) the only thing I forget/forgot to do is post my blog yesterday.

The show. How’s it going? Well…

Let’s just say I’m having flashbacks to my very first trade show where I debuted a ridiculous idea I called Marathon Pit Crew (MPC). Unlike Commemorate the Date, MPC never generated a lick of income and was a horrible idea. But, as I’ve said before, it taught me a lot.

Here’s a visual for you:

Me, in a deserted parking lot wearing a hand-sewn “pit crew” outfit (that gave me a wedgie) stomping and crying while tumbleweed rolled around and my dad tried to console me. On that day in 2002, it had become clear that this show, on which I had banked the entire success of Marathon Pit Crew, was a complete flop.

There are times when you look back at a moment in your life and know that you should have done something very different. This wedgie stomping moment is one of those for me.

One thing I eventually learned about that day was that as a business owner, it is absolutely essential to be flexible and listen for clues. Which is a good thing to know. Especially because so far, I wouldn’t say our sales at the Creative Connection have been gangbusters. And if I was still that wedgie girl from 2002, I wouldn’t know what I know right now:

  • There is a place for Commemorate the Date.
  • The Creative Connection is not that place.

I’ve got two full days of sitting at our table and trying to sell $200 paintings to people who want to buy trinkets. They might not give us their money, but they might give us their time. If they do, I’ll tell them about our idea in a way they can’t resist. But even if they do resist, they might give us a candid opinion. Which in business, is as valuable as money.

Wish me luck.


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