Five Down, Seven to Go

September 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

First things first. Brad audited me this month. Here’s how it went down:

Hadley (happily slurping soup): So, this is the first month I exceeded the income I used to make!

Brad: I don’t think so.

Hadley: Yes! I have a spreadsheet!

Brad: Then your spreadsheet isn’t right because… (insert intelligent rationale here)

Hadley: Oh.

He was so obviously and clearly right. If I would have just thought about it for two seconds, I could have spared the drama of being disappointed for no reason. But I did not. And if you are highly astute, you will notice that my red bar has been adjusted for this and all prior/future months, which makes my income look worse. But at least I’m not a liar anymore.

Luckily, my income continues to climb and that’s great news.

My other indices are looking good too!

And, a few things I am particularly proud of: 

  • Adding Target to my list of clients
  • Making the best of it at the Creative Connection (where we handed out at least 300 Commemorate the Date brochures despite horrific attendance)
  • Celebrating four years of marriage to Brad
  • Transitioning Hike to the toddler room at school, buying him big-boy shoes and letting him fall on his face because, “he needs to learn to make mistakes.” (Note to self: learn how to do this without having a conniption.)

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  • DottieDot says:

    I love these bar chats – way to go HB! And if you’re worried about the red vs. blue lines, I recommend you make the chart REALLY REALLY small, so the lines kinda blur together. Just a suggestion.

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