Time, Money and Pie (Charts)

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, still thinking about this whole time/money thing and about how we all have budgets for our money but not our time. My dad even gave me an article from the Star Tribune which talks about this very subject. Of course, the metric-maniac in me started thinking about how I would budget my time in an ideal world. It was actually kind of fun to think about—I ended up with this:


I also started tracking my time (super-casual-like) from the past month and found out that my real life looks like this:


I guess the most obvious and huge difference is between how much time I want to spend earning (other) money and how much I actually am. But this is not surprising and is by design (at least for now). The interesting part is that I am actually spending too much time on home and family. Whoa.

 For the record, I have decided that this excess time was spent cleaning and cooking (and NOT spending time with my two favorite boys). So now I’m looking for some good time-saving tips to bring this number back into line.

 Also for the record, I am going to start tracking my progress on getting to this ideal world state and reporting it to you at the end of each month (unless it gets boring). After all, if you measure it, it will happen.



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Hiram has been working on the concept of picking up his toys after he’s done playing with them and he’s getting pretty great at it. In fact, he’s taking things further than I could have dreamed. Here are three examples of what I mean:

1) During our three-day wind storm earlier this week, we opened our back door and a leaf blew in. Hiram started fussing to be put down, scurried over to the leaf, picked it up between his thumb and pointer finger and set it back down outside.

2) Hiram goes to bed with a blanket and a stuffed dog. Now that it’s cold, I have been sneaking into his room after he’s asleep to put another blanket on him too. When I go into his room to get him in the morning he insists on unloading all these items from his crib one at a time before he will let me pick him up.

3) Sometimes, Hiram identifies irregularities in his food– a funny colored blueberry or an odd seed in his piece of bread. The other night he found something problematic on his noodle. He seemed to be picking it off and holding it out for me to take, but when I looked there wasn’t anything there. He continued to insist so I “took” whatever it was and “flicked” it onto the floor. He looked at me, then the floor, and then back at me with a look of complete disgust on his face.

Hey! Advertising Works!

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I’ve got a degree in advertising, but (maybe ridiculously) I am still surprised to find out that even the little social media advertising we’ve started doing for Commemorate the Date is driving sales. It’s got me all in a tizzy to do more, more, more.

Just in case you aren’t already hooked up to Commemorate the Date from every angle possible, here’s a little guide to the places we are online (so far).

Our new web site: www.commemoratethedate.com

Megan’s Blog: http://meganmooreart.blogspot.com/ (An awesome spot to see images of recent client work like the one pictured above. You can even sign up for an e-mail notification when there is something new!)

Facebook Group: Commemorate the Date

Twitter Handle: @CommemorateDate

Obviously, you’ll be the first to know when we add more.

An Outside View

October 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

When it comes to getting snippets of “outside perspective” about my baby, I’m what one might call desperate. I cannot resist hearing other people tell me their impressions of Hiram. Yeah, I try to act casual but I am totally not. I mean, how obvious do I sound when words like this come out of my mouth: “Oh, you think he’s smart? How so? No, I mean, how so, exactly?

I tell myself that I am not alone. Really, what mom wouldn’t want to know this kind of stuff about her smart, sweet, amazing, adorable little child?

But seriously, this info is pretty important. After all, I’ve been spending the past (almost) 17 months studying this little guy for clues about who he’s going to be. Here are things I’ve actually thought:

  • Hiram likes owls so he might be a forest ranger.
  • Hiram likes leaves so maybe he will be a botanist.
  • Hiram likes balls. He will likely become a famous baseball player.

Clearly, I am as delirious as the next mom, which is exactly why I value outside perspective so much. These impressions other people have about my son are likely much more accurate than my own. So when Hiram’s daycare teacher (who reminds us daily that she has seen it all) told me she thought Hiram was exceptionally fearless, I adopted this attribute of his on-the-spot.

Unlike being big or liking balls, this fearlessness in Hiram is something that makes him different. And now when I talk to strangers about Hiram (yes, I do this) I tell them, “He is fearless.” And when they say their baby is fearless too, I say, “Yes but…my Hiram. He is really, really fearless.”

Cheery Oh!

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We did quite a few things this weekend, but none of them were as awesome as wearing a Cheerios box on our heads.

Six Down, Six To Go

October 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

If you’ve been keeping up, you might guess that I’m a little bit dreading my monthly report for this spooky month. Aside from income, which is still doing great…

my other metrics are tanking.

One “positive” note is the number of times I was rejected this month. Thanks to our long-shot long-lead media pitch for Commemorate the Date, I got a nice bump in my rejection number for October.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. I do think I accomplished quite a bit this month.

  • Assembling and actually pitching long-lead magazines in Chicago (and learning quite a bit along the way)
  • Extending my contract with Target through February
  • Finding a solid weekly exercise routine which includes time for 5 short runs and 2 yoga sessions
  • Teaching Hiram to find his nose

What Hike Likes: Kidney Beans

October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Perhaps their bright red color or nice finger-food-sized shape? It couldn’t be the texture, could it?? Whatever it is, here’s one thing I know: when presented with chili, Hiram eats the kidney beans first.

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