How Much is a Super Sized Saturday?

October 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

I don't know who drew this, but it is brilliant*

 Some people can’t resist buying the latest new gadget or hottest trend. If you know me, you can probably guess that I am pretty adept at resisting things like this.  But time– sweet little seconds of completely free time to insert wherever I need it– if that was available for purchase, I would be completely broke. I would buy a little the first day and a little more the second day and before I knew it, I would be addicted.

  • I would buy a new alarm clock with a button that said, “snooze: $5” and then I would push it every morning and happily sleep away the 10 minutes I bought knowing I still wasn’t going to be late.
  • I would buy little pockets of time and hide them in places for emergencies. Then I’d whip them out during traffic jams or when Hiram needs (read: I need) a few extra minutes to play with his mom before bed.
  • I’d splurge on a Saturday and make it a double.

My new partially employed situation is taking me in the right direction– I do think this is true. But it’s also forcing me to make some tough decisions about how to spend my time. I’ve been away from Hiram too much and now he’s crying more at school. I have noticed that my ideas are piling up and I can’t follow through like I want to. So, children’s book writing is on hold for now (oh! this is hard to do!)

Along with my family and my gig at Target, Commemorate the Date is my top priority until Indie Wed in January (oh! this is exciting!)

Stay tuned for exciting updates soon.

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