City Dog, Country Frog.

October 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Friends, get this book for the people you love. It is dear. It is calm. It is poignant. It almost made me cry the first three times I read it. Plus, it has many pictures of dogs which means Hiram can practice his vocabulary. (Da! Da!)

OK, the deets: Title is City Dog, Country Frog. Author is Mo Willems. Illustrator is Jon J. Muth. Cover price is a little high at $17.99 but let me tell you–everyone in your family will read this book (over and over) and that means the actual cost per use is quite reasonable, really.

I recently recommended this book to a friend of mine who knows some kids who lost a sibling. As I was headed off after our coffee date, I realized that I would recommend this book to anyone with any life circumstance at all. It teaches beautiful lessons about our sweet short lives. It teaches about treasuring friendship and about branching out. It has pretty, pretty pictures that are based on seasons and are done with such care. Pure unadulterated talent by both writer and illustrator. Get this book. I mean it.


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