The Tiny Big Budge

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

 It’s the end of the month and that means my second official “time management” update.

As a refresher, here’s my ultimate goal:

Here’s what I did last month:

And now, here’s November:

I promised I would only keep doing these if they weren’t boring. These pie charts?  Maybe a little boring. But. But. But look a little closer. Zoom in just a bit. Yep, right there. See that tiny little difference in the number of days devoted to Commemorate the Date? Yes! A little difference. Right there in cold hard data.  You know what? I fought tooth and nail for that tiny little budge. I fought my head off.

So maybe it’s not so boring after all? OK, fine it’s a little boring. But now I’m a little addicted.


Seeing Santa

November 29, 2010 § 3 Comments

Sometimes words just aren’t necessary.

This Blog Post is About Writing the Small Print

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Remember that Less Sexy Side series I started last summer? I bet you were hoping it was discontinued. Nope. It’s back and this time it’s about being the person who writes the small print that no one reads.

Due to Commemorate the Date’s lack of official legal department (no offence dad) it’s been up to me to finalize some of the little legal details related to Commemorate the Date.

I realize there are lawyers cringing right now and I don’t blame them. Even my process for coming up with these little tidbits is borderline illegal.


Not really.

Really, I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. The other day I was trying to figure out if we could legally have a harmless “giveaway” at Indie Wed in January. I Googled “sweepstakes laws in Illinois” and found out that I probably should have just played dumb. But, I figured, there are plenty of fine people who hold giveaways in all kinds of places. Why not us? A little more Googling revealed a resource at the library where free legal advice is provided for small businesses. Rock on.

I read all the small print I could handle and pieced together a document I like to call “Commemorate the Date Giveaway- Official Rules.” Then I brought it to the library and got this free legal advice: “Your risk is small. As long as you aren’t trying to scam anyone and/or if you at least try to comply with the rules, you’re probably OK. Just google ‘Sweepstakes laws in Illinois’ and do your best.”


At least it was free.

Seven Down, Five to Go

November 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

The halfway point in a marathon is the worst spot. You’ve already run 13 miles and you still have 13 left. Even though most days a 13 mile run is a darn impressive accomplishment, in a marathon, 13 miles just means you have 13 more to do. That is how I feel about my metrics right now.

Income seems to be stalling out but it’s not bad.

Some of my other metrics are better than last month. Like MMT and UOEI.

And then others, well, they were terrible.

The awesome things I’ve done? Also hard to think of this month. The things I listed seem so small compared to the effort I’ve been putting forth. So instead of listing them here, I’m going to let them grow a few more weeks and tell you about them when they’re bigger and a little more established.

In marathons I make up random little things that I repeat over and over. They never reveal anything very interesting about me or the meaning of life (I hope). Usually, it’s just something simple like,  “Move your feet (grunt).” Or, “1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.” I’ll turn to that again as I muddle through this phase that is pre-real-progress and post-real-new.

Move your feet. Grunt. Move your feet. Grunt.

The Holiday Creep

November 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

The last time I heard something about the joy of Christmas, I surprised myself by thinking, “What a bunch of hooey.”

Which made me realize: without some planning and discipline, it’s possible to participate in the merry-ness without having any fun. Or, in other words, to find yourself on the other end of the season a little more tired, chubby and sad than you were before it started.

Not this time, my friends. Brad and I have activated our “vacation rule” this holiday season. Which means we can only plan one (holiday) activity each weekend day from now until Christmas. This includes shopping, wrapping presents, decorating the tree, making cookies, hosting parties and everything else. It’s the “Less is more” approach to the holidays and I’m excited to see what happens when we leave a little room for fun.

We started by making a list of the things we wanted to do in the next month and plotted them out by weekend. We realized we had way more things we wanted to do than days to do them, so we cut a few things out and are starting a little bit early. Up this weekend: Christmas cards and a little bit of shopping. For the first time ever, I am part of the holiday creep problem.  I kind of like it.

Monday = Clean the House for Thanksgiving = Blog Vacation Day so I’ll see you on Tuesday!


November 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

This week, my Commemorate the Date focus has been on getting us up and running on Wedzu— a brand new site that’s “like Etsy for Weddings.” It’s a popular idea that’s getting TONS of buzz on the wedding blogs.  

So far, there aren’t many other sellers (relatively speaking) so I’m sure we’re getting a lot of looks (and not the snarky kind either). I can’t wait to see how we do.

What Hike Likes: Bowling

November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

My friend Renee had the awesome idea of hosting a bowling party for her friends and family last weekend. We had so much fun. It was clear that Hiram, whose first word was “ball” (well, “ba”) couldn’t believe we’d been holding out on him for so long. He stood like this for a good 10 minutes and then finally said, “ba.”

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