The Holiday Break

December 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

The end of the year brings the end of a month and that means just one thing for you. It’s time to suffer through another OCD analysis of exactly how I spent my time in December.

Here’s my ultimate goal:

Here’s my completely wonky holiday display:

OK, nowhere near my “ideal” but possibly even better? Almost half of my time was spent on “home” which seems just about right considering it’s the holidays. Poor Commemorate the Date took a hit, but watch for a green resurgence in January as Indie Wed takes center stage. And, with any luck, a yummy little purple slice next month.

One other delicious little deet that might have grabbed your attention– a cross analysis with my income page shows hold-steady pay and a simultaneous decrease in days spent on (other) money-making endeavors. I was excited too, until I remembered each of those days spent making (other) cash was at least 14 hours long.


Movin’ On Up

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When starting a new business, there are certain things that make you feel so official it takes your breath away. This pretty little Banner Up (!) is one of those things for us. You should have seen us giggling in my living room as we put this banner up *up* for the very first time together.  

Eight Down, Four to Go

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It’s hard to believe I’ve had my new life for goin’ on 9 months already. 9 months feels kind of serious and permanent and real. It also makes me wonder if I am ever going to see all my metrics line up the way I thought I could get them to when I started tracking them last April.

This month, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. That, combined with the holidays means I am going to go easy on myself despite a sorry metrics showing yet again in December. Come January though, I’ve got to shape back up (I know, that’s what they all say).

Instead of excuses, I’ll just lay it out there for you.

Income = Solid.

Eating out on a whim? Yes, yes, yes.

Exercise = yawn.

Meeting new business contacts, actually, not that bad.

Rejections could have been worse.

Plus, my favorite part. The part where I relive my accomplishments in all their glory:

  • Completed an online advertising pilot for Commemorate the Date (up next, wow ’em at Indie Wed)
  • Made real, exciting progress on our new line of invitation templates for Commemorate the Date
  • Completed a rediculously insane project for Target without losing it (that much)
  • Fell down the stairs without doing any perminant damage to myself or Hike
  • Celebrated Christmas with the best family a girl could have

Lots of Joy (and a trip to the E.R.)

December 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

Overall, that was a pretty nice Christmas weekend.

We started with dinner and gifts at my parent’s house.

Hiram got a new cell phone and immediately orchestrated a 3-way call with my brother and dad.

Christmas morning, Hiram started to understand just how awesome Christmas is when you’re 1.

Christmas Day was spent with the Barrows family doing a whole lotta eating and snuggling under warm blankets. I even got a nap!

At 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, we took Hike to the E.R. for croup-related breathing trouble. It was a little freaky, but they took care of him right quick and we were all back to bed by 6. He’s doing great now and in the end, Brad and I agree that it was our most favorite trip to the emergency room ever (best out of 5)!


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Hiram says “my” now and I totally, totally love it.

He’s a toddler, so he obviously does the prerequsite “My!” when I’m frantically trying to get my credit card back from him at Target. He also says, “My!” when we make him do other things he doesn’t want to do (put his coat on, put his pants on, etc.). These occurances are fine. But my favorite “my’s” are when they give insight into things he really cares about.

When he comes across something he loves, he proactively says, “my” just in case we were thinking about taking it away. He says “My. My. My. My.” over and over. He says it about his favorite toys, ice cream (obviously) and this completely awesome cookie he made:

Merry Christmas friends!

What Hike Likes: Dancing with Dad

December 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

2010 Christmas Letter: The Year of DIY

December 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

This year, I’m posting our Christmas letter online– enjoy! And Happy Holidays everyone.

Celebrating a job well done on our DIY vacation at the cabin last summer

Dear friends and family–

DIY is all the rage right now, and that trend is no exception for the Barrows household. The three of us spent 2010 ditching our respective training wheels for a bit more independence.

In April, I left my job at Target to start a business called Commemorate the Date with my best friend and artist Megan Moore. Luckily for me, Megan has mad artistic skills and a loyal set of followers who are supporting us so far. Being the self-proclaimed Business Development Director, I’m hoping my efforts to expand our client base pay off in 2011.

As a start-up, Commemorate the Date is holding its own. As a replacement to the reliable income Target provided…well…let’s just say Brad’s “Honey Do” list has become a hotbed for what I like to call, “DIY opportunities.” Here is a sampling of the experiences we were afforded by our new, more modest lifestyle:

We also spent our family vacation and many summer weekends DIY’ing at the Quam/Barrows cabin. We got a lot done this year, including siding the entire outside and paneling the inside of the new two-bedroom addition and installing a new shore station for our boat. Meanwhile, Hiram occupied himself (and us) by dancing on stacks of lumber and running with screwdrivers pointed towards his eyes.

As you may have guessed, at 1.5 years, DIY is Hiram’s preferred M.O.  A few of his recent accomplishments include using a Hiram-sized spork, taking pictures with the family camera and saying his name.

As independent as he is, Hike enjoys DI-Together time too. He never passes on the chance to build (read: knock down) a block tower with his dad or play catch with his mom. Brad and I love every minute of being his parents and are looking forward to even more fun next year.

Merry Christmas Everyone! We love you.

Hadley, Brad and Hike

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