Hiram: 1 Year + 6 Months

December 6, 2010 § 3 Comments

It’s hard to believe we’ve been parents for a year and a half already. On one hand, I still feel like we have a ton to learn. On the other, I know we are a lot better at this than we used to be. It’s very possible, however, that this improvement in our abilities has more to do with Hike than us.


In the past 2 weeks, it’s happened. Hike has learned to say no. He uses this expression most profusely when his parents suggest he do outrageous things like wear pants.

This Way

Hiram has clear preferences and is finding ways to make sure we fulfill them. If, in his opinion, the wrong parent is sitting in the rocking chair at story time, he’s got no problem shooing them away in exchange for the other. He’s also getting quite good at “directional pushing” — a tactic used to steer us towards his blocks or away from his winter coat.

Time Out

We’ve been experimenting with the notion of time out and Hiram is catching on like a champ. In fact, he now banishes himself to the time out spot (up to) many times a night. Next step: figure out how to convince him he wasn’t being that bad.



§ 3 Responses to Hiram: 1 Year + 6 Months

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