2010 Christmas Letter: The Year of DIY

December 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

This year, I’m posting our Christmas letter online– enjoy! And Happy Holidays everyone.

Celebrating a job well done on our DIY vacation at the cabin last summer

Dear friends and family–

DIY is all the rage right now, and that trend is no exception for the Barrows household. The three of us spent 2010 ditching our respective training wheels for a bit more independence.

In April, I left my job at Target to start a business called Commemorate the Date with my best friend and artist Megan Moore. Luckily for me, Megan has mad artistic skills and a loyal set of followers who are supporting us so far. Being the self-proclaimed Business Development Director, I’m hoping my efforts to expand our client base pay off in 2011.

As a start-up, Commemorate the Date is holding its own. As a replacement to the reliable income Target provided…well…let’s just say Brad’s “Honey Do” list has become a hotbed for what I like to call, “DIY opportunities.” Here is a sampling of the experiences we were afforded by our new, more modest lifestyle:

We also spent our family vacation and many summer weekends DIY’ing at the Quam/Barrows cabin. We got a lot done this year, including siding the entire outside and paneling the inside of the new two-bedroom addition and installing a new shore station for our boat. Meanwhile, Hiram occupied himself (and us) by dancing on stacks of lumber and running with screwdrivers pointed towards his eyes.

As you may have guessed, at 1.5 years, DIY is Hiram’s preferred M.O.  A few of his recent accomplishments include using a Hiram-sized spork, taking pictures with the family camera and saying his name.

As independent as he is, Hike enjoys DI-Together time too. He never passes on the chance to build (read: knock down) a block tower with his dad or play catch with his mom. Brad and I love every minute of being his parents and are looking forward to even more fun next year.

Merry Christmas Everyone! We love you.

Hadley, Brad and Hike



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