Cocktails with Commemorate the Date

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Our Commemorate the Date party is tomorrow! If you’re reading this, that means you’re my friend and I’d LOVE to see you there to help us celebrate our first year in business together. We were in the studio setting up last night and it is looking very cool! 

The flowers by Thistle are going to be gorgeous.

The music by Niki Becker is going to be awesome.

The cocktails? They’re going to be fancy! Oh yeah.

So click here and RSVP: Cocktails with Commemorate the Date


Daddy Go?

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Hiram has a favorite sentence now. It’s pretty clear he enjoys having a go-to sentence because it starts something that closely resembles actual conversation with the people he’s engaging.

The only thing is, he pretty much just has this one sentence. Which is, “Daddy Go?” He uses this sentence emphatically whenever he notices that Daddy has gone missing. Despite my efforts to give him a thoughtful and easy-to-understand answer he always asks the question again and again. Even as his mother, this dialogue gets a little tiresome.

Out of slight desperation the other day, I finally thought of asking him a question in return. I said, “Where do you think Daddy went?” and he said, “Ummmmm. Car.”

This made me realize that I have never before answered, “Car.” I always skip to, “work.” Or “hockey!” but never, “Daddy went in the car.” Goes to show that even when I’m trying to be simple and straightforward, I get ahead of things.

What Hike Likes: Other People’s Stuff

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 Here’s one argument for not stocking a lot of toys around the house. Hike doesn’t care for them. He’d much rather play with things that matter to Brad and me (and why not?). Here are a few pages from the journal I keep by my bed. It used to be mine, but I get the sense I might be losing the turf war.  

Hike’s Big Hunt

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Well now, that was fun. Teaching Hiram to hunt for eggs is something I hope I never forget.

 He started out happily filling his Easter basket with rocks.

But after a few example “finds” by his fans, he caught right on.

Before we knew it, Hiram was encouraging us all to “RUN!” and “meeer!” as he found each of the 15 eggs we dyed the day before at an egg-coloring dinner party at Hiram’s (and our) friend’s house (thanks for a great time J, Z and B!)

Here are a few other shots from the weekend. A very, very nice Easter full of family, friends and sweet, sweet sweets. (I still have a small stomach ache).

Happy Easter!

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12 Down, Done & Done!

April 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today marks the last post in Hadley Barrows Inc. fiscal year number 1. Just for giggles, I thought it would be fun to read an excerpt from the resignation letter I wrote last year:

My plans for the future include working as the publicity and business development director for my friend’s art business, working as a business consultant, and freelance writing. In addition, my plans include spending time with my husband, cooking healthy food for my family, exercising, and being there as my son grows up (too fast!).

Not too shabby. I wish I had a pre-new-life benchmark because even though I know my metrics weren’t always perfect, they’ve always been better than they were before I started this series (well, with the exception of income). 

Remember how I promised perfect metrics this month? Check it out!


Unplanned nights out to eat:


Lots of movin’ and a-shakin’.

Lots and lots of rejections. Each one of these has at least one “yes” counterpart, so I was askin’ for a lot this month.


Here’s a list of the things I’m proud of:

  • Hiram. For 8,000 reasons including all his new words, all his new abilities and all the new jokes he’s been thinking up lately.
  • Making the Hadley Barrows Inc. Fiscal Year 2 plan.
  • Starting all those seeds for the garden.
  • Finishing the first year of my new life and making very good progress on “having it all.”

Discipline and Rigor

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I’m not sure why, but in the past few months, I’ve felt like introducing a little more discipline and rigor into my life. So, I gave up sweets and video games for Lent. But I didn’t stop there. I also went whole-hog on my metrics, insisted on flossing every day and renewed my committment to the “New Year’s Resolution Quartet” (clean off the table for eating, brush Hike’s teeth, take my vitamins and make the bed). 

Yes, I have gone a little overboard.

I had to admit this to myself as I resorted to “checking out my seedlings” for 45 minutes the other day– for lack of a better distraction.

But! This weekend is Easter, which means I’m back to eating sweets in just a few days! Here’s the list I made of things I wanted to eat during Lent, which I will refer back to happily in the coming weeks.  

  • Donuts
  • Americone Dream ice cream
  • Twizzlers (Strawberry)
  • Malt Shop malt
  • Whoppers
  • Chocolate chip ice cream with bananas
  • Girl Scout cookies (especially the chocolate + peanut butter ones)
  • Anything from Dairy Queen
  • All that dang candy lying around the office
  • Pie. With ice cream.

Clearly, my downfall is ice cream. And baked goods. And candy. Oh man, I gotta go check out my seedlings again…

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