Ode to H…

April 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

Here’s the thing about me. I am crazy. One minute I am proclaiming to everyone that money doesn’t matter and the next minute I’m forcing Brad to “make due” without a belt for a month because it isn’t “consumerism day” yet.

When we talked about Brad writing a guest post for AndThen… I was thinking about how I am crazy and about how his perspective would provide some insight into this. I thought, as my first blog year comes to a close, it would be fun to hear about what it was like to be Brad married to me. I was sure it would demonstrate how Brad is a saint for putting up with me. I was so sure, in fact, that I told Brad he could write whatever he wanted and I promised I wouldn’t change a word. He agreed. We had a deal.

And then he wrote this…  

 This week is a tough week for Hadley as she frantically tries to land a couple of large competing deadlines and still maintain some level of sanity, so last week I offered to provide a guest post for her. She reluctantly accepted, knowing all too well how my wonderful intentions often fall a wee bit short due to various distractions and my time optimistic nature. So, when she asked last night how my entry was coming, she was not at all surprised to hear I hadn’t started it yet 😦 Hey, I have 24 perfectly good hours before it’s due! As a procrastinator, it is against my being to start anything sooner than necessary 🙂 And, as the always over-prepared anticipator, she responded: “Don’t worry I have a post ready just in case, why don’t you just give me the post when you’re done and I’ll use it then…” Isn’t she sweet? Now remember, I’m the finance guy, she’s the writer, and she’s crazy good, I’m also a hopeless romantic who can get a little sappy at times, you’ve been warned…

 So here’s an ode to Hadley, the mom, the wife, the everything to our family.

 The Mom: How amazing is Hadley? She constantly astonishes me with her interactions with Hiram. She knows when something is wrong, she notices when he’s in his “processing spot” and can tell when he’s overwhelmed. She knows when a boo boo needs a kiss, and isn’t afraid to administer a time-out to enforce proper behavior. But the thing that I love best about Hadley as a mom is how she constantly finds ways to include Hiram in everything we do. She’s teaching him how to cook (Hiram’s an excellent sprinkler of cheese, lettuce, and most other toppings), do yard work (raking leaves and putting things in the compost are some of Hiram’s favorite activities in the yard), and pick up after himself (this one admittedly has a lot of opportunity, but he can and will do it when asked), there’s no activity that doesn’t have something Hiram can contribute to, and that is where Hadley truly excels, showing Hiram how he can help and make a contribution, and Hiram is going to be a better man, full of self-confidence and self-worth because of it. What better gift can a mother give her son?

 The Wife: I married out of my league, so much so that I didn’t even bother asking for a date, no need, I all ready knew that answer, so our first date was definitely unexpected for me and I’ve been blessed ever since. She’s an amazing cook, and thank God, because poor Hiram would be eating Mac ‘n Cheese, Brats, and pizza every night of his life if his nutritional requirements were left up to me! Hadley is an awesome cheerleader, enthusiastically encouraging me during a rec-league hockey tournament and encouraging Hiram to cheer his daddy on, this act alone should entitle her to sainthood. Beautiful. From her sparkling blue eyes and wonderful smile all the way to her cute little runner feet, Hadley is gorgeous, I don’t need to say much more, as I mentioned she’s out of my league, and I consider myself lucky every morning I wake up next to her. Brilliant. Hadley is as smart as a tack and too humble to believe any compliment I give her, but I’ll keep telling her just the same… Crazy productive, she can accomplish more in a day than I can usually get done in a month. I am truly blessed. Seriously, she thinks my Excel skills are sexy. I GUARANTEE that sentence can’t be truthfully said out loud in more than a dozen circumstances throughout the entire world.

 The Everything: Oh yeah, did I mention the fact that this woman identified a dream of hers, made a plan, and courageously walked into unknown territory in pursuit of happiness and self fulfillment? If you’re reading this, you’ve been following her journey, and I hope you are as inspired and impressed with her past year as I am. I don’t think I’d ever in a million years have the courage to do it, but she did, and she has, and she will! That is one of the many best things about Hadley, give her an idea and a purpose, and it will get done! What an awesome and powerful inspiration for our family, good luck trying to tell us something’s too hard, Hiram, thanks to your Mom, I don’t think that thought will even cross your mind. What another wonderful gift, rather than wondering about how hard something might be, Hiram gets to spend his time figuring out how he’s going to do it! This first year may be coming to a close, but I think the journey is far from over, in fact I think it may have just begun, and I am very excited about what is yet to come from her journey and how we as a family get to share in this experience with her.

 Hadley, Thank you for allowing me into your life and continuing to share your life with me, I love you, and I cherish you.

Love you too, B. This is proof, I think, that I could never be me without you. And also that you are more of a saint that I originally thought.



§ 2 Responses to Ode to H…

  • Heather says:

    Hadley – you have a great husband. He words what he feels so well. Great joys to you both. Love,Heather

  • Sue Yund says:

    Whenever you’re having a bad day, Hadley, pull this out and read it. And then save it for your 25th wedding anniversary and read it again. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful person.

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