Discipline and Rigor

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m not sure why, but in the past few months, I’ve felt like introducing a little more discipline and rigor into my life. So, I gave up sweets and video games for Lent. But I didn’t stop there. I also went whole-hog on my metrics, insisted on flossing every day and renewed my committment to the “New Year’s Resolution Quartet” (clean off the table for eating, brush Hike’s teeth, take my vitamins and make the bed). 

Yes, I have gone a little overboard.

I had to admit this to myself as I resorted to “checking out my seedlings” for 45 minutes the other day– for lack of a better distraction.

But! This weekend is Easter, which means I’m back to eating sweets in just a few days! Here’s the list I made of things I wanted to eat during Lent, which I will refer back to happily in the coming weeks.  

  • Donuts
  • Americone Dream ice cream
  • Twizzlers (Strawberry)
  • Malt Shop malt
  • Whoppers
  • Chocolate chip ice cream with bananas
  • Girl Scout cookies (especially the chocolate + peanut butter ones)
  • Anything from Dairy Queen
  • All that dang candy lying around the office
  • Pie. With ice cream.

Clearly, my downfall is ice cream. And baked goods. And candy. Oh man, I gotta go check out my seedlings again…



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