12 Down, Done & Done!

April 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today marks the last post in Hadley Barrows Inc. fiscal year number 1. Just for giggles, I thought it would be fun to read an excerpt from the resignation letter I wrote last year:

My plans for the future include working as the publicity and business development director for my friend’s art business, working as a business consultant, and freelance writing. In addition, my plans include spending time with my husband, cooking healthy food for my family, exercising, and being there as my son grows up (too fast!).

Not too shabby. I wish I had a pre-new-life benchmark because even though I know my metrics weren’t always perfect, they’ve always been better than they were before I started this series (well, with the exception of income). 

Remember how I promised perfect metrics this month? Check it out!


Unplanned nights out to eat:


Lots of movin’ and a-shakin’.

Lots and lots of rejections. Each one of these has at least one “yes” counterpart, so I was askin’ for a lot this month.


Here’s a list of the things I’m proud of:

  • Hiram. For 8,000 reasons including all his new words, all his new abilities and all the new jokes he’s been thinking up lately.
  • Making the Hadley Barrows Inc. Fiscal Year 2 plan.
  • Starting all those seeds for the garden.
  • Finishing the first year of my new life and making very good progress on “having it all.”


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