April Writing Update

May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

OK, enough of a break. It’s time to start keeping track of my new fiscal-year writing metrics. I’m excited about this because I can already tell it is helping me prioritize writing over, oh, laundry. This, I think, is an important first step to becoming a writer!

Since I want to start keeping track of my updates by calendar month, my April update looks a tiny bit shoddy. But keep in mind, the full circle is my annual goal and the pie piece is my progress to-date.

 The first metric is “new creative words written” or NEW and my annual goal is 75,000. Since April 23, I’ve written 1,378 words. 

The second metric is blog posts published, or BLOPP. Last year I published 245 posts so this year my goal is 275. Since April 23, I’ve published 5.

My last metric is related to work I write and then submit to some publisher, agent or editor. Since it takes me forever to write these pieces and then to rack up the nerve to send them out, I am going to be happy if I do this 15 times over the next 12 months. Let’s call this metric, STRESSFUL.

Wish me luck!



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