Sammy’s Big Sprout

May 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

As a Burpee Big Boy tomato seed, Sammy knew his destiny was wide open.

He had everything he needed to be a very good tomato. He was buried in rich, black soil. He was damp but not soggy. He had room to stretch. And most importantly, he had a good head on his shoulders (at least, that’s what his mama said).

Now, he just needed to germinate (which is a fancy word for grow.)

The first day, he gave the inside of his seed a little pointer finger push (plip!) But he didn’t sprout. 


The second day, he kicked the inside of his seed with his toe (punt!) But he didn’t sprout.


The third day, he did a jumping jack (boing!) But he still didn’t sprout.


On the fourth day, he was discouraged. This means he felt sad and tired and angry, all at the same time.

 On the fifth day, he was still discouraged so he sat in his fort and used his flashlight to read a book about turnips. 

 On the sixth day, he called his mama. She said, “Don’t be discouraged. You’re a Big Boy! You have a good head on your shoulders! You’ll sprout when you’re ready.”


Sammy knew he was ready, so on the seventh day he made a plan. His plan said:


On the eighth day, Sammy followed his plan. He ate a big breakfast and he ate a big lunch. He did Burpees. And then, he tried HARD to sprout.

 He pushed and he kicked and he did jumping jacks as HARD as he could (Puncha-plip! Swing’n-a-punt! Bam!)

But Sammy didn’t sprout.


So Sammy tried again (Puncha-plip! Swing’n-a-punt! Bam!)

 And again! (Puncha-plip! Swing’n-a-punt! Bam!)

 Faster and faster! (Puncha-plip! Swing’n-a-punt! Bam! Bam! Bam!)

 And then…Sprrrrring!


(Sammy sprouted).

Follow-up activity: Can you do a Burpee like Sammy?

Hadley Barrows copyright 2011



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