Hiram: 1 Year + 11 Months

May 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. My baby is turning two in a month and I’m not ready. He’s still my little baby for gosh sakes! At any rate, this age progression trend has me ever more diligent to record every detail.

Fort Hike: Hiram’s dad had the idea to use some old IKEA boxes to build a fort in Hiram’s new playroom (read: our old dining room). Hiram took to it immediately and started moving all his important things inside. Important things included: 4 metal bowls, 2 pan lids, 1 wooden spoon, one chair, his blanket and his baby.

Dribble Dribble: Finally, a report about dribbling that doesn’t involve messy liquids! Hiram has always loved all kinds of balls, but this month he’s started to appreciate them each for their unique attributes. Especially basketballs, which he imaginary-dribbles and like a pro. He’s also getting better at the dribble drill we invented which involves just a little help from daddy.

Fashion Frenzy: Hiram’s little community at daycare has become obsessed with shirts. Or, more specifically, what picture is on your shirt (so long, solid black tee!) Not surprisingly, this has translated into a slightly more complicated morning routine and some serious consternation if the t-shirt direction doesn’t seem to be going as Hike had planned. Unfortunately for us, we still haven’t found the magic bullet favorite, but his football jersey or basketball shirt are usually OK with him.



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