Just One Bite

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oh man, I am in love with the book Just One Bite by Lola Schafer. I am in love with it for three reasons:

First, it’s HUGE. This appeals to Hiram who gets excited just holding this book in his hands. As his mama, it appeals to me because I get to see him with his arms stretched out at an angle wider than shoulder width apart and an even wider grin on his face. 

Second, the size is not superfluous. You see, the book has to be this big, because the bites are all illustrated at life-size. When the huge book still isn’t big enough to hold the actual gulping capacity of a sperm whale, the pages fold out.

Third, the life-size illustrations are gorgeous. Yep. I’m about to buy two copies of this book. One for Hiram. One for me to cut up and frame.

And one for every kid I know.

OK, maybe that’s more than two copies.



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