Shoe Research by Boo (and Mark)

May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

One writing exercise I want to try is one where you write little side stories/studies about your characters as a way to get to know them better. Since I’ve always wanted to try this but have never actually done it, I added this exercise into my blog editorial calendar. First one, due today.

Here it is:

Shoe Research by Boo (and Mark)

Know how to tell if you’re having a good time? Look at your shoes. If they’re pointy and clickity with funny buckles or straps, you’re probably having a pretty bad time. If they’re muddy or at least high tops with laces, things are looking good for you. 

Mark, my dog, agrees. He likes to help me get my shoes muddy and thinks clickity shoes are trouble too.

To prove this, Mark and I did a study on the steps outside my apartment last week.

Our first subject was Miss Betty. Her shoes had leopard print and some sparkles. Her toes poked out a little hole in the front and the backs of her shoes were so high she had to wobble. She stepped on Mark’s tail with her pointy shoe and when he yelped, she said, “Watch it!” I wrote this down as an observation in my study notebook.

Then we saw Peter. He was wearing high tops with an air pump you could use to get the perfect fit. Peter threw his ball to Mark who got so excited he started jumping (my mom says “Don’t let Mark jump up!” But you try to stop him). Peter didn’t say “Watch it!” He said, “Fetch!” and threw the ball again. I wrote this down too.

Then we saw my mom. She was clickity-clicking down the street and Mark and I forgot all about our study. We ran half a block to meet her and she said, “Don’t let Mark jump up!” and then, “I have to get out of these shoes.”

Hadley Barrows copyright 2011



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