Hike’s Birthday Ball

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m finally getting to posting all my favorite pics from Hiram’s Birthday Ball last Sunday afternoon. Hiram is at such a fun age– he appreciates each gift so much. It took us a while to get through all his presents and I think the realization that he’s the proud owner of so many neat new things is still soaking in. 

Here are a few (OK, quite a few) photos. This is just a sampling of the nice things and happy memories of his birthday this year.

A volleyball that bounces AND goes in the water? Nothin’ better.

My sweet little family.


The theme was “Birthday Ball” so everyone wore ball or sporty apparel. Somehow my dad and I ended up in the same shirt. Oh well.

This is an action shot immediately following Hike’s first basket on his new hoop.

Checking out his new keyboard, which he LOVES!

This is what Hiram’s face looked like the entire time we sang to him. It makes me imagine he feels how I bet most people do (slightly awkward) about this tradition.

Here’s Hiram getting help from Uncle DQ before he gets on his new bike.

This is Hiram trying out his new pool last night. He could have exercised the sprinkler option on each of the animals, but he thought they were more useful as part of a pool party.



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