Owie. Hurts!

June 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

This morning I took Hike to his two-year check-up. He was pretty excited about it being “Doctor Day” (although actually, at first I think he was excited because he thought it was cookie day). Everything checked out great– he’s still big, he’s still long, his doctor still thinks he’s adorable.

They needed a little sample of Hiram’s blood so after his appointment we went to the lab for a finger prick. Hiram was a complete champ and didn’t complain at all about feeling a “little stick.” He was also obsessed with watching the technician squeeze his blood into the tube and label it with a sticker. The best part though was the band-aid they applied at the end.

For being a little stick, it was quite the bandage. Which signaled something to Hiram. Something like “this is a big deal owie.”

I’ve seen Hiram feel confident and proud of himself before. But I have never seen him strut like he did on his way out of the blood lab. It wasn’t just a strut. It was like a strut-swagger. And he kept it up all the way to the car. Luckily, the lab waiting room was full of patients who were adequately sympathetic to his plight. Especially because he held his hand boldly in front of each of one of them and said, “Owie.” Then, for effect, he added a matter-of-fact, “Hurts.”

“Owie. Hurts.”

“Owie. Hurts.”

“Owie. Hurts.”

The good news is, I think he’ll make a full recovery. Here he is posing for the picture I suggested when he realized we were going to school and not home to show his injury to daddy.



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