Mager’s and Quinn

June 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

In a moment of rare spontaneity, I took a few hours away from Hike and Brad to attend a reading at Mager’s and Quinn last week. The event featured readings by John Jodzio, Dessa, and David Philip Mullins. Yes, this reading was as good as it sounds.

There’s something a little nice about listening to writers read what they write. Aside from the niceness of hearing how they’ve assembled the words together, it’s nice to see the person standing there-literally behind their work. Being confident and cool. Being sure of what they have. But also being a tiny bit too jittery to hold their paper perfectly still and inflecting up when down would sound just a little more “sure.”

My favorite reader was Dessa, who read from Spiral Bound and also some unpublished work. Her writing, both published and unpublished is great because it’s full of raw, human feelings you have all the time. Of course, Dessa being Dessa makes these raw human feelings seem cooler than they were when they were just yours. So that’s nice.

I’ve been in a little writing slump lately-probably the result of the added pressure I put on myself to do something good this year. So I’m glad I went to this reading. I was struck by how important it is-if you want to be a writer– to pay attention to what you experience. And to value it. I’m re-realizing that this is much harder than it sounds. This paying close attention and then attributing value to what you see.

A constant, incessant attempt to access something that is always there but not if you’re lazy. It’s tiring. And inspiring.



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