Hiram: 2 Years + 1 Month

July 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

Look at this troublemaker! So many stories from the past month…which ones to pick?

Water? You Bet! In the past few weeks, Hike has learned he loves to get “bet” (wet). I think it started on the day pictured here when, after quite a storm, we found his park converted into something more of a swamp. Sliding down slides and into (thigh-deep) puddles was one of his favorite things to do. Since then, he’s tried out the neighborhood pool and local beach too.

Read to me: For the past 6 months, Hike has been requesting “Boom Boom Boom” as one (and sometimes two) of his three bedtime stories. Out of desperation (I’m sorry, but no book can withstand 200 readings without achieving some level of resentment by the reading parents) Brad and I started adding a few side stories, interactive activities and plotline deviations. (Which actually, I think makes Hiram like reading this book even more.) At any rate, the repetition finally paid off. Two nights ago, Hiram “read” this story to us! This was his first time through on his own, but he definitely knew what was supposed to happen on each page.

Whatcha Makin Bakin? Ever since Hiram helped with his dad’s birthday cake, he’s been pretty into “bakin.” His favorite recipe is for pizza and the “bakin” part is essential. For obvious safety reasons, we’ve been working hard on convincing Hiram that one of the drawers in his play shelf is the oven and Hiram plays along. Last night, we enjoyed an owl puppet (crust) with stickers (pepperoni and cheese) and a puppy (?) on top.



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