Cutting for Stone

July 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

Here’s a book you should read. When you’re in the mood. I only add the “mood” disclaimer because it started out violent. So violent, in fact, that the first few chapters ran me through this 5-step process:
1)    Read the words on the bus.
2)    Be so completely appalled that you outwardly express the horror with an open-mouthed OMG expression. On the bus.
3)    Not care that you are doing this.
4)    Be unable to change your expression for 3 chapters following the horror.
5)    Continue reading the book because it is just so dang good. 
Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese is the story of twin boys born to a nun and a surgeon. (I KNOW! You are hooked already, aren’t you?)  The writing was engaging but not difficult. The characters are the kind you miss when you’re not spending time with them. The book is one that puts you straight into a flounder phase upon completion– (a.k.a. What could possibly follow that?)

So, if you can stomach the horror, you should read this book. In my post-Cutting-for-Stone stupor, I almost just started reading it again. Except I couldn’t face the horror again so soon.



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