House Dreams

July 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

When I was pregnant with Hiram, I participated in a U of M study where I kept a dream journal for 3 months. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to remember much of what I was dreaming about but actually, I didn’t need to worry. I had crazy, crazy dreams and now it’s someone’s day job to study that insanity.

One thing that was kind of fun about keeping a dream journal was watching for trends. Many of my dreams were about finding more space in our house.

“Who knew we had this entire other building on our property!”

“How did I never notice this wing of the house before?” 

Of course, I immediately referenced my friend’s dream dictionary to do a little of my own (highly scientific) dream interpretation. According to this credible source, dreams about houses are really dreams about you. With an ever-growing belly, this put all dreams about expanding spaces into a completely comprehensible light.  

Last night, I had my first e-Lou dream about finding more space. Only this time, my “dream house” was more like the house Brad and I have started (talking about) looking for. It was our house, but it had a main floor bathroom, space for two kids and a spot for a sunny home office.

It also had a triple infinity pool. (Bradly, add that to our list.)



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