Barrows Family Weekend 2.0

July 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

Here’s a photo that pretty well sums up the 2011 Barrows family weekend. Well, it at least sums up the mornings, which were crazy foggy and perfect for fishing. Hike tried out his new fishing gear while his Uncle Jason showed him how it’s really done (Thanks for the fish fry Jason! Yum!).

If you remember our weekend last year, you were no doubt helping us lobby for better weather this time around. Considering the crazy humidity and temps in the cities, our weather could only be classified as “perfect.”

Along with fishing, we had a great time hanging out and eating each other’s delicious food. Brad and I slept on the screen porch on Saturday night and now I am completely addicted to the out-door-loon-call-filled air.

Bradly– add “huge screen porch” to our new house wish list.



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