Oh Croup.

September 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wait, what? Croup? Already? Yep.

Hopefully, this isn’t any kind of sign, but Hiram has already kicked off “sick season” with a midnight trip to the E.R. Unfortunately for us, he’s becoming a bit of a croup veteran. Of course, this doesn’t mean his noisy labored painful inhaling gets any quieter or easier. But at least now the panic in his eyes recedes when we tell him we’re going to the doctor. “Medicine,” he wheezes.

This bout was especially tough but he seems to be on the mend now. One upside for Hiram was that he seemed to realize there can be certain privileges¬† associated with the “sick kid” title. For example, sleeping next to us was “doctor’s orders” the first night and in an effort to keep him still, Hiram watched his first hour of television (a.k.a. hockey puck) this week. Probably best of all though, was the full day of playing with Grandma yesterday.

See? Not so bad after all.



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