Tie Up Some Time

September 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hike and I spent what felt like the entire morning in the doctor’s office today. Nothing serious, just a post-croup check-up. And a flu shot. And a Hep A vaccine. And a yadayadayada.

Doctor’s offices are one of my least favorite places to hang with Hike. Mainly because we’re confined to such a small space and every single thing he wants to play with is completely disgusting. Oh, you’re being a puppy? Good puppy! No! Bad puppy! Stop licking the floor, puppy!

Fortunately, Hiram found something totally awesome to do while we were waiting and waiting and waiting. Which was, he practiced tying my shoes. You could tell he was practicing because he was saying, “around the tree, through the hole, etc.” just like Brad says when they tie shoes together.

I know, it’s a little sad to feel like my shoes are the cleanest toy option available. But these particular knots took up more than 20 minutes of waiting time. (Thank you, God, for shoe laces).



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