Halloween 2011

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That’s not what I was expecting.

I’m a planner and am usually pretty good at anticipating potential pitfalls. So, while it may appear to most that the Barrows family has just one plan, we actually have one “out loud” plan and then any number of secret plans running parallel behind the scenes. Most moms would agree, knowing how to plan like this is a skill that is essential to living with a toddler.

So I had anticipated things. I had anticipated Hiram feeling that his super cute Banana Monster costume would be too hot. I had anticipated getting off to a late start. I had anticipated Hiram wanting to eat candy he shouldn’t.

I had not anticipated Hiram skipping his nap.

This absolutely never happens.

Which means I had absolutely no idea how Hiram would behave after more than 12 hours with no sleep.

It turns out he would behave like a completely crazy person. A screaming, ecstatic, hyper, obstinate, volatile crazy person who was simultaneously “too tired” to go trick-or-treating and “not sleepy” enough for bed time.

And so. Deciding to move bed time up by an hour, it was determined that Hiram would wear his pajama shirt and trick-or-treat at 3 houses before hitting the hay. No cute Banana Monster costume. No back-up Spiderman costume. No uttering of the three-word-phrase we’ve been practicing for weeks– not even when Brad and Hiram trick-or-treated at our own house.


But it seems like Hiram went to bed happy. And that’s what it’s all about, right?


A Kid’s World

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Hiram can make almost anything fun. Here are a few recent examples.

Milk and Water Dispenser: Hiram has converted this kid proofer into a dispenser for water and/or milk. The “stems” hanging down squirt one or the other (but only if you push the button).

Slide: Who needs a maternity wedge pillow anyway?

Hiram’s Bus: I am very jealous of the people (and stuffed animals) who get picked up in Hiram’s bus. It looks more comfortable and spacious than the one I ride every day.

A List of Cute Things Hiram Says

October 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

My parents did a pretty good job keeping a record of my childhood via baby book. There are teeth, bits of hair, artwork, etc. But one of my favorite things was a list my dad wrote of all the words I said at one point in my early life. It wasn’t anything fancy– just a yellow legal pad piece of paper with word after word and an interpretation in parentheses (if necessary).

I’ve tried and tried to be good at baby booking but I am not. As a consolation to myself, I’ve decided to embrace what’s working (keeping this blog) and just record things here that I don’t want to forget. So, I’m starting this list for Hiram. So he can see all the cute things he said when he was learning to talk.

A note to the rest of you: I’m going to update this post whenever we have something new to add but I won’t mention it again. If you want to stay up on the latest, you can just check back. Also, this doesn’t replace Hike’s Dictionary, which is a compilation of things Hiram says that need more interpretation. These are just super cute things that Hiram says.

  • Do it in again.
  • Happy Birfday
  • Twinkle Twinkle Uppa Ki!
  • I feel like a morning car (star)
  • Not workin!
  • Eyes Balls
  • Oh man!
  • Mr. Klum (a.k.a. Mr. Quam)
  • Doot-de-Doo! (the sound any hollow tube makes)
  • Num-a-nums (M&M’s)
  • Little bit (I’m a little bit crabby, I’m a little bit shy)
  • Glubs (gloves)
  • Brumboni (Zamboni)
  • Gerkie (Herkie)
  • OK, I won’t (he says this after getting permission to do something)
  • Two ones
  • Slipperly
  • Flavrite (favorite)
  • Plocket (chocolate)
  • Bralella (umbrella)
  • Jingle Bells…Oh Mut Fun!
  • 7/2/12: It’s a purprise
  • 9/11/12: mad guys (instead of bad guys)
  • 9/27/12: I knowadia (I have an idea)
  • 5/22/13: Laranular (urinal)

Free Fish Tank

October 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

After weeks and weeks of waiting for someone to discover this gem on Craigslist, my super cool antique TV fish tank is going to meet its demise in the alley behind our house. Unless anybody you know wants it. For free.

(tell me quick because it’s outta here on Saturday.)

There’s a Baby Brother in my Belly

October 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

We’re rounding the corner on  the Big Boy campaign, wrapping up phase 1 (being a big boy is awesome) and moving right along to phase 2 (big boys are big brothers).

We’re actively talking to Hiram about his baby brother now and I even found a book on the topic that holds his attention. Here are a few signs he’s getting more on board:

  • He seemed genuinely pleased to be reading a book about another big boy who was also a big brother. He immediately identified with the boy who got to push his baby brother’s stroller and help with bottles.
  • He sometimes asks to lift my shirt and see his baby brother. He doesn’t try to punch his baby brother anymore. Now he pats him.
  • He has started telling everyone he has a baby brother in his belly. Of course, he pushes his cute little belly out as far as it will go when he says this.

What Hike Likes: The Moon

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The past few weeks, we’ve been treated to the most beautiful morning moon. It sits just above the tree line directly outside our front door. Hiram notices every day and doesn’t ever miss a chance to point it out (“Moon!!!”)

We strap him in and start our morning routines, the moon long forgotten. Until, a few minutes later we hear Hiram’s voice in the back seat, “Where did the moon go?” Of course then, we search it out again.

It’s moving on now—as you can see by this photo of the moon we took last week when it was already “way up high”. But Hiram still thinks to look for it every morning.

Aisle File

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Wow! Look at this awesome coverage of Commemorate the Date in the Asile File of mspmag.com. Megan sounds so awesome!

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